In 2013, a Field Poll showed that a majority (55%) of Californians favored the legalization of marijuana, according to the Huffington Post. Despite the fact that more and more Californians are leaning toward this opinion, the current reality is that the use of this drug is still considered a crime in this state. Unless you have a legitimate prescription for medical marijuana, you can be arrested for possessing this drug. Other marijuana crimes include selling, possessing with intent to sell, cultivating and transporting marijuana. To learn more about California’s laws concerning marijuana-related crimes, read the information that our law firm has provided below.

Definition of Marijuana

In California, marijuana is defined as any part of the plant Cannabis stiva L., as well as any compound, derivative, mixture, preparation, etc. of this plant. Marijuana is a Schedule I drug. Common names for marijuana include pot, weed, reefer, hash, grass and dope.

Possession of Concentrated Cannabis

1) County jail for up to one year and/or fine of up to $500, or

2) County jail for 16 months, or two or three years

Possession of Marijuana

1) 28.5 grams or less—Fine of up to $100 (infraction)

2) More than 28.5 grams—County jail up for up to six months and/or fine of up to $500

Possession of Marijuana on School Grounds

1) 28.5 grams or less (adult offenders)—County jail for up to 10 days and/or fine of up to $500

2) 28.5 grams or less (minor offenders)—maximum fine of $250 for first offense; maximum fine of $500 and/or confinement for up to 10 days for second offense

Sale or Distribution of Cannabinoid Compound

County jail for six months and/or fine of up to $1,000

Possession or Marijuana with Intent to Sell

County jail for 16 months, or for two or three years

Cultivation of Marijuana

County jail for 16 months, or for two or three years

Transportation of Marijuana, or Importation of Marijuana into the State

1) County jail for two, three or four years, or

2) Fine of up to $100—only when amount of is 28.5 grams or less

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