Affordable San Diego Defense Lawyer

Getting arrested isn’t most peoples idea of a good time. Unfortunately, even good people get into bad trouble, especially while trying to have fun in San Diego. Let’s face it if you’re taking the time to browse through our site and read our news updates, chances are you’re facing some type of criminal charge. However, just because you’ve been accused of a crime doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. An affordable San Diego Defense Lawyer may be able to help you through this tough time.

Sometimes affordability has a negative connotation. People often assume because something is affordable, that it is less quality than something that expensive. That’s not the case with Marc Kohen. Mr. Kohen is an award-winning San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney. He has over 50 perfect five-star Yelp reviews, as well as glowing client testimonials on Google. While Marc may not be the cheapest lawyer in town, he is affordable and does offer payment plans.

If you’ve been charged with a DUI or any type of criminal case in San Diego, call our law firm today. We provide a free, no hassle confidential consultation. Marc personally meets with each potential client, and if you decide to retain our law firm, Marc will be the attorney to handle your case. The Law Office of Marc Kohnen does not farm out cases or assign cases to junior attorneys. Marc FIGHTS for your rights after a criminal charge in San Diego County.

San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney 

Aside from keeping his prices fair and reasonable, Marc truly is a decorated San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney. Mr. Kohen has been recognized by AVVO, a leading national attorney review board, as a 9.9 out of 10 San Diego Criminal Lawyer. Unlike some criminal law firms in San Diego, Marc is licensed in both State and Federal Courts. He has handled many high profile cases over his tenured career. From NBC to Fox, Mr, Kohnen has been in the national spotlight tackling some very complex cases.

If you, or a loved one, have been charged with a crime please call our law firm today. Don’t take on the prosecution alone, and don’t let fear and anxiety blind you from protecting your rights. Even if you are guilty, there are things that a criminal defense attorney can do to better your position. From Federal Plea Deals to fighting for probation over jail time on a State Charge, call Marc now to find out what he can do to help you through this tough time. Call us now at (619) 398-2500.

Criminal Defense Lawyers in San Diego County 

There are a lot of criminal defense lawyers in San Diego County. Now, there is no such thing as the best attorney. What is most important for a client to consider is finding the best lawyer for them and their unique needs. This is one of the reasons why Marc provides a free consultation and also meets with each client personally. By interviewing Mr. Kohnen, and asking a lot of questions in a confidential setting, a potential client can help determine if Marc is right for you and your case.

Some clients have questions, even if they haven’t been arrested or accused of a crime just yet. This happens a lot with Federal Criminal Cases. People often have an “idea” if a Federal Indictment is hanging in the background. If you are worried about a knock at your door from the FBI, call Marc now and get out in front of a Federal arrest warrant.