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Although Laws Have Relaxed, You Can Still Be Charged with Drug Possession Crimes in San Diego

by | Jan 11, 2019 | Drug Crimes

Small quantities of marijuana are now legal to possess and use in San Diego and throughout California due to recent changes in the law.  But just because laws surrounding cannabis have relaxed, don’t think for a moment that all other drug possession laws in the state have become more forgiving as well.  There are still plenty of severe penalties on the books for the illegal possession, use, and sale of drugs.

Understanding How Drug Possession Laws Work in California

The type of drug possession crime you can be charged with will depend on two things.  Different drugs are placed in different regulatory classes in California based on the United States Controlled Substances Act.  These schedules define the type, and the amount of drug a person possesses to determine what kind of crime they will be charged with.  For example, cocaine is considered a Schedule II drug, along with methamphetamines and morphine.  These drugs have a high potential for abuse, although some have accepted medical uses.  As a result, a person who is arrested for possessing cocaine, depending on the amount, could be charged with a felony and be sentenced to several years in prison.  It is assumed that a person in possession of a larger quantity of drugs will have an intent to sell or distribute those drugs, leading to even more serious charges.

Conversely, defendants in simple drug possession cases are often given the option to enter counseling and drug diversion programs.  But you will need a skilled attorney who is familiar with these types of programs to avoid actual jail time and fines.

Have You Been Charged with Drug Possession in San Diego?

Don’t assume that you will get off lightly if you have been charged with a drug possession crime.  You can still face severe penalties depending on the type and quantity of drugs you are charged with possessing. You must be aggressive in defending yourself from these types of charges.

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