Choosing the Right San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney

Let’s face it, if you’re taking the time to read this article you’re most likely looking for a lawyer. Choosing the right San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney isn’t easy. Every website, including ours, talks about how great the attorney is. From AVVO to Martindale Hubbell, criminal lawyers LOVE to purchase add space and legal directories. We do this because it makes us look good, it’s for marketing, and it works. However, there’s much more to selecting an attorney than just simply reading the information on a website.

Companies like AVVO screen reviews. Yelp allows past and present clients to post testimonials. Reading what other clients have to say about their experiences with a law firm may help you choose the right criminal defense lawyer for you and your case. Marc has over 55 perfect five-star reviews on Yelp, glowing testimonials on Google, and has a 9.9 AVVO rating. If you’re wondering which defense attorney to hire, you might want to talk to Mr. Kohnen before you pay a retainer fee to anyone.

Criminal Defense Attorneys in San Diego 

Okay, look, we know there’s a lot of Criminal Defense Attorneys in San Diego. That’s a good thing. No, not that you need a defense lawyer, but that you have options. So don’t feel rushed to hire an attorney, not even our law firm. The best advice we can give you if you’re considering hiring a defense lawyer is to ask a lot of questions. Contrary to what you may have read online, there is NO SUCH thing as the “best” attorney. What is however important is to hire a lawyer you trust and get along with.

Mr. Kohnen knows that facing criminal charges can cause lots of anxiety. Unlike other attorneys, Marc is licensed in State and Federal Courts. From NBC to CBS, Mr. Kohnen has been aired on national television for his criminal defense work. Marc has tried many complex criminal cases, and more importantly, won NOT guilty verdicts. If you would like to talk to Marc please contact our law firm by clicking here.

Questions to ask a Criminal Defense Attorney

If you’ve been charged with a crime, and you’re considering hiring an attorney, take a minute to write down your concerns. When you’re facing the possibility of going to jail or prison, your anxiety can get the best of you. You may have lots of questions to ask a criminal defense attorney. However, we cannot tell you how many times clients come in and forget to ask us the questions they had the night before. For most people, meeting with Marc is the first time they’ve sat down for an attorney consultation.

Marc wants every client who comes in for a consultation to feel comfortable. This is why he charges NO MONEY for a consultation. Another great time we have is to write down all of your questions and concerns. This way, Marc can address each one and try to answer them when you meet face to face. The consults are also confidential. Below you will find some questions you may want to ask. Remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question.

Will I go to Jail or Prison for my Crime? 

This is probably the most obvious question. The answer isn’t as cut and dry those as we would like it to be. Sometimes the answer is YES, sometimes NO, often it’s MAYBE. See, until you meet with Marc one on one to discuss your case, we just don’t have enough information to go off of. Sometimes crimes that usually carry jail time go unpunished. Often we win not guilty verdicts. Even when a crime will require a period of incarceration, there are things we can do help lower your exposure.

Can I get time off of my Prison Sentence? 

Again, as we mentioned above. Maybe yes, maybe no. First off, in the Federal system, the typical reduction of time is 15% of the sentence. So if you’re sentenced to serve 50 months, you will get about 8 months knocked off right away. Also, in the Federal System inmates usually spend their last 6 to 18 months in a Half-Way House environment. In addition, if you have a drug-related crime or drug abuse in your PSI, Marc may be able to see if you qualify for RDAP.

In the State system, you can usually get more time off for good behavior or for programming while you’re incarcerated. Also, State sentences usually do not run full term due to overcrowding and a lack of State funding. Regardless of being charged with a State or Federal Crime, call Marc now to find out more information.

Will I lose my financial assets when I go to Prison? 

This depends upon your crime. If you’ve been convicted of a drug crime or financial crime, and your assets were quired with ill-gotten funds, YES you will most likely LOSE your stuff. If however your assets were purchased or earned with legitimate money, and they have no relation to your crime, you may be able to keep them. All of this depends upon other circumstances to like outstanding civil litigation issues. The best bet is to ASK Marc about this when you meet in person.

If I am charged with a Sex Crime, will I get abused in Prison? 

The answer to this is maybe and most likely YES. Look, we are a criminal defense law firm. We take on financial crime cases, drug charges, as well as sex crime cases. So, we don’t judge anyone, a mistake is a mistake in our eyes. However, inmates in prison don’t see things that way. You will be chalked up to being a Child Molester, the scum of the scum, and you may way face verbal and physical abuse. Not just from inmates, but guards as well. People have kids and daughters and wives, if you’re a sex crime convict, you could be in for a world of pain.

If you’ve been charged with a sex offense, call our law firm now. We know how to handle these types of cases. In addition, a lot of sex crimes go Federal, and Marc is a top-rated Federal Criminal Defense Attorney. Call us now for a confidential consultation.