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Marc Kohnen is a decorated defense lawyer serving all of San Diego County. Criminal Attorney San Diego reviews do not get any better than Marc’s. With over 50 perfect five-star yelp reviews it’s no wonder why people call Marc when they’re in trouble. Marc has been a staple in the San Diego Criminal Defense Community for over a decade. He has been interviewed by NBC, CBS, FOX, and other national news agencies for his extensive work in the area of criminal defense. While most criminal defense attorneys shy away from complex, high profile cases, Marc takes them head on. He has successful won not guilty verdicts for cases that have been national televised.

If you are facing any type of criminal charge, please call our law office today. Our consultations are free, and as always, confidential. Our law firm believes that everyone, guilty or innocent, deserves to be heard and protected under the laws of our state and nation. Call Marc now to find out what he can do to help guide you through this tough time.

Best Criminal Attorney San Diego 

Marc wants everyone who visits his website to know right away that there is no such thing as the best lawyer. So, if you’ve searched Best Criminal Attorney San Diego and found us, let’s take a minute to discuss what we believe is truly important. No lawyer is technically the best. What is however important is for you to find the lawyer who is best for you and your defense.

One way Marc Kohnen helps potential clients determine if he is right for them is by providing a free confidential criminal defense consultation. A potential client gets to ask all the questions they want, for free, and gets to spend time with Marc. This may help you determine if Marc is the right \ Defense Lawyer for you.

Another great way to figure out who to hire is to read online reviews. Marc has over 50 five-star yelp reviews, a 10 out of 10 AVVO rating, and glowing Google testimonials. If you would like to speak to Marc directly, please call our San Diego Criminal Defense Law Firm today.

Consultation with a San Diego Defense Attorney

Our law office provides a free consult. If you need a consultation with a San Diego Defense Attorney please contact us today. We have the ability to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether your facing a simple DUI, State Drug Charge, or a Federal Indictment for Fraud, we have the ability to defend you. Marc will fight to protect your rights. Please, if you need to speak to a San Diego Criminal Law Firm, call us now.