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Intent to Distribute Drugs

Intent to Distribute Drugs Attorney in San Diego

Have you been charged with intent to distribute drugs in San Diego? If so, it is imperative that you hire an attorney who can help you maneuver the legal process. One of our drug crimes lawyers understands all drug distribution laws in California and stand ready to assist.

Benefits of an Attorney When Charged with a Crime

Once you retain a drug crimes attorney, that attorney becomes your mouthpiece, advocating for you from beginning to end. This means that nobody will be allowed to talk to you without your attorney present. There are many great benefits to having an attorney on your side, especially one who is well-versed in drug charges. For instance, you will never feel overwhelmed by the legal process, as you can direct your questions or concerns to your attorney. If you’re facing an intent to distribute drugs charge in San Diego, make sure you have an attorney on your side who can fight for your rights and advocate for you from day one.

Fighting Your Intent to Distribute Drugs in San Diego Case

It is important to understand what drug possession with intent to distribute looks like under the law in order to fight and beat the specific charges brought against you. Your drug crimes attorney can explain the specifics of your case to you so that you can adequately fight them. Most drug possession charges are based on the California Health and Safety Code or the Controlled Substances Act, depending on whether they are being brought at the state or federal level. It is important that you hire the right attorney for your case.

Should You Go Pro Se?

Some people debate whether they should go “pro se,” which means going to court without the benefit of an attorney. Others simply go to court with the attorney that the court provides to them. These are generally not good ideas as nothing offers the same benefits that a privately retained attorney does. A privately retained attorney will have a small caseload, meaning that they will have the time and energy to devote to you and your case. Additionally, they will be educated and experienced in criminal law and the specific type of case that you are contending with.

Hiring an Attorney After a Charge for Intent to Distribute Drugs in San Diego

If you’ve been charged with intent to distribute drugs in San Diego, it is imperative that you hire a skilled attorney. The faster you act, the more desirable your outcome is likely to be. At the Law Office of Marc S. Kohnen, we want to help you resolve your case quickly, effectively and without difficulty. For a free consultation, and to learn more about our services and the variety of legal areas that we practice in, call (619) 398-2500 today.

“When I met Marc, I was immediately relieved. His calm and professional demeanor was exactly what I needed. He handled my case without a hiccup.”

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