DUI Attorneys in San Diego

According to The Times of San Diego the CHP 40 DUI arrests rights here in San Diego over since Friday. California Highway Patrol has made over 700 DUI arrests statewide over the weekend so far. If you got caught in a DUI checkpoint, or were charged with a crime over the Labor Day Holiday, call our law firm now. There’s a lot of DUI Attorneys in San Diego, not all of them are Marc Kohnen.

If you’ve been charged with driving under the influence, and you want to fight your case, we can help. Our San Diego Criminal Defense Law Firm has over 55 perfect five-star yelp reviews. Marc also has a 9.9 out of 10 AVVO rating as a San Diego Defense Attorney. After a typical DUI your life isn’t over. However, if an accident was involved that hurt someone else or if it’s a second or third offense, you may be facing some serious consequences. We’ve fought for our client’s freedom and reputation for over 15 years. Learn more about what we can do to help you with your DUI by reading below.

Why Hire a San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney to Handle a DUI Charge? 

After a DUI most people are put into two categories, simple first time DUI’s and complex DUI charges. Let’s take a minute to discuss both, and why you may want to hire a San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney to handle a DUI charge. While driving under the influence on the surface sounds like a small time crime, and it may be in some cases, it may also be a major felony that carries a long jail sentence with it.

If you made a mistake and chose to drive after drinking a little bit, and it’s your first offense and no one was hurt during the arrest, you’re probably more than okay. Yes, you will have some basic consequences and you may have some fines and lose your license. However, with simple DUI’s we can help keep you driving by requesting a DUI DMV hearing and asking for a provisional license. We also offer payment plans for first time DUI offenders and we try to be the most affordable DUI Attorney in San Diego for simple DUI cases.

The second type of DUI we see often are complex criminal cases involving a DUI. Say for example you had way too much to drink and you caused an accident that inflicted bodily harm on a victim, this would be a major crime. Sometimes DUI accidents kill innocent people, and then a client may be facing manslaughter or even murder charges. Complex DUI’s don’t just have to be centered around injuries, if you’ve been charged with multiple DUI’s or if you’re a commercial driver or licensed working professional you may have a big issue on your hands.

Look, if you’ve been charged with a simple first time DUI we can offer you a very affordable defense. In addition, if you’re DUI sounds like it falls under the complex criminal type we can DEFINITELY help defend your legal position. Mr. Kohnen is an award-winning San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer and is licensed in State and Federal Courts. In fact, Marc has been aired on NBC, ABC, CNN, and other national news stations for his work handling complex criminal cases. Read below to learn more about complex DUI cases and what we can do to protect your freedom.

DUI involving an accident or injuries 

The State of California has some very strict and specific legal codes when it comes to DUI’s that cause injuries. If you were charged with a DUI that caused an injury over the Labor Day weekend call us now. In addition to this, if a loved one is currently in custody because they caused a DUI crash that killed someone, we can help. California is cracking down on DUI Manslaughter penalties, and your loved one could spend life behind bars if they don’t defend their legal position.

Working Professionals Such as Doctors, Dentists, Bankers, Nurses, Teachers and other Lawyers Charged with a DUI 

Another super serious type of crime deals with working professionals such as doctor, dentists, bankers, nurses, teachers, and lawyers charged with a DUI. When these types of people get charged with ANY crime, especially a felony of this nature, they can LOSE their license. That means you cannot work in this field, usually the ban is FOREVER. These types of jobs require licensing to be granted to ONLY the most strict of moral compass. Getting a DUI doesn’t make the state, government, or certain licensing boards happy.

However, before you panic and believe your career is over, give us a call. We have documented success handling these types of delicate, closed mouth types of cases. Our San Diego Criminal Defense Attorneys have handled extremely complex criminal cases for over 15 years.

Multiple DUI Convictions 

Another type of complex DUI defense case stems from multiple convictions. Most Judges understand that even really good people make bad decisions sometimes. When you get a DUI, and it’s your first offense and no one is hurt, you usually get a slap on the wrist. However, when you’ve been convicted over and over for driving under the influences you’re going to get hammered in criminal court.

According to the CDC there are over 10,000 deaths caused by DUI’s every year. Prosecutors, Judges, and any rational person for that matter looks at deaths caused by driving under the influences are preventable and asinine in nature. They should not happen, period. Especially with so many easy to use and affordable ride-share options such as Uber and Lyft. We can help you if this is a repeat offense, and we’ve handled these types of cases before. You need to call us right away so we can do damage control if you’re a repeat DUI offender.

Commercial Driver or Government Worker

If you get a DUI charge as a Commercial Driver or Government Worker we can help. Commercial Drivers such as Truck Driver and those who for UPS or FedEx are held to a high standard. If you were to get a speeding ticket or moving violation you may have an issue keeping your job. A DUI charge is definitely a BIG “no-no” and can most likely cause you to get fired on the spot.

Government Workers and those who work for the United States Postal Service are held to even HIGHER standards than normal commercial drivers. As a government employee or postal worker you represent the United States of America. Breaking laws and committing felonies doesn’t go hand in hand with the job title. Again though, we can help.

For these types of DUI charges we recommend calling us to schedule a FREE, totally CONFIDENTIAL consultation. Call us at (619) 398-2500.

Choosing the Right DUI Attorney in San Diego

There are a lot of quality criminal defense lawyers in town. Choosing the right DUI Attorney in San Diego isn’t as complicated as it sounds. First, we always recommend reading online reviews. Reading past client experiences can help you determine if an attorney sounds like a potential fit for you. Our law firm has over 55 perfect five-star yelp reviews, flawless online reviews, and we have a 9.9 AVVO score. Second, we advise all potential clients to take advantage of our free consultations. This allows you to ask questions and address your concerns.

During our confidentially, and cost free consultation, we can get a feel for where your case is at. This helps us lay all the cards out on the table, so that you know where you stand within the realm of the criminal legal process. A DUI or criminal charge can be scary, but we are here to help up. You HAVE rights and we know how to FIGHT to protect them. Call us now to talk directly to a DUI Attorney in San Diego.