Impact of the Zero Tolerance Policy

In the state of California, legislators have enacted very strict laws in regards to underage drinking and driving. Under the Zero Tolerance Law in the state, a person under the legal drinking age with a BAC of .02 percent or below will face a civil infraction and face penalties of a one year driver’s license suspension. If this driver does not yet have a driver’s license, they will be penalized with a one year delay in obtaining their driver’s license.

Are you currently under 21? A DUI attorney in San Diego is what you need when facing criminal or civil charges for driving under the influence of alcohol. These charges will haunt your child in college, at their place of employment, and possibly in their personal life as well if a skilled criminal defense lawyer is not hired immediately. Let Attorney Marc Kohnen help you by protecting your rights and advocating for your child’s future.

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For a teen driver with a BAC of .05 percent and above, the penalties drastically increase. This person is likely to be facing even harsher consequences, including driver’s license suspension (or delay), fines, imprisonment, probation, and a court approved drug or alcohol course. The penalties will most likely be determined due to the criminal history of the juvenile and the unique circumstances of the case. Furthermore, a skilled defense attorney will also make a substantial outcome in the case result.

Talking to a defense attorney about your drunk driving charges should be your main priority if you have just been arrested for underage DUI or even minor in possession of alcohol. While you may believe that these charges will just go away after reaching the age of 18 or 21, this is untrue. Only with the assistance of an attorney will you be able to successfully defend yourself. Don’t hesitate to
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