Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer San Diego

Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer San Diego isn’t an easy search term to look for. If you’re taking the time to search through websites and scroll through Google reviews, you most likely have a serious situation. State Crimes are well, “state level crimes”, which basically means “oh well you can probably beat the case”. However, when it comes to Federal Crimes, everyone knows the FBI and US Attorneys Offices doesn’t mess around. So what do you do next?

Well, for starters, you can take a deep breathe. Look, facing a Federal Indictment isn’t easy. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a White Collar Financial Crime or a large RICO based case. Taking on a Federal Prosecutor is NOT something you want to do. The United Stated Government seems to have unlimited resources. Whether that means utilizing the IRS to paper-trail your financial assets or forcing cell phone providers to allow for wire taps, the government can do what ever it needs to protect the safety of American citizens. See, that’s where the Fed’s differ from State Protectors.

Defending Federal Criminal Charges 

In California State Level Cases, you are going up against a tough task. When facing the FBI, US Attorneys Office, and the Federal Government, you’re taking on an 800 pound Gorilla. Defending Federal Criminal Charges isn’t easy. In fact, its extremely tough. See, most State Cases start with an arrest. Meaning, a crime was committed, someone called or tipped off the cops, and a “bust” was made. The FBI doesn’t really work that way.

In State Offense Cases, there is usually a quick and decisive reason as to why a “suspect” is detained. This means no real evidence is collected, a case isn’t built, it is a sense of urgency situation. However, with Federal Indictments, it’s a totally different story.

In Federal Cases, the FBI and US Attorneys Office take their time to BUILD their case. They watch, listen, and review ALL THEY NEED to prior to even arresting a “person of interest” so that they KNOW they can HAMMER them in court. This means, if you have been arrested or indicted the Untied States believes your are 100% guiltily. That’s NOT a position you want to be in.

Award Winning San Diego Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer 

Marc S. Kohnen is an award winning San Diego Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer. With an Excellent AVVO 9.7 rating and winner of the Super Lawyers badge, Marc is truly one of the best at his craft. From Google to Yelp, clients actually leave REAL testimonials, just because they are grateful to be free. Mr. Kohnen has represented high profile clients, from well known Investment Bankers to Hollywood Stars, he has handled it all.

If you have been charged with a Federal Crime, such as Wire Fraud or Conspiracy, call Marc today to arranged a confidential consultation. It doesn’t matter if you are innocent, guilty, or something in between. You have rights, and Marc may be able to provide you a road to a better way out of your situation. Call NOW and get our ahead of a Federal Conviction.