Holiday Weekend DUI Checkpoints

San Diego law enforcement will be increasing Holiday Weekend DUI Checkpoints today. While The Law Offices of Marc S. Kohnen never condones breaking the law, we are also realists. We know that people will be drinking today, and throughout the weekend. If you however slip up and decide to drive, and you get charged with a DUI, call Marc ASAP.

Mr. Kohnen is a top rated San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney. For over 15 years Marc has handled many complex cases that have landed him in the national spotlight. Marc, licensed in State and Federal Courts, has been aired on ABC, CBS, and NBC’s Today Show for his criminal defense representation.

Affordable San Diego DUI Attorney 

If you’ve been charged with a DUI, first and foremost don’t panic. The majority of time, a DUI isn’t the end of the world. If you’re facing a first time DUI, or if you simply got pulled over without any additional issues, Marc is a very affordable San Diego DUI Attorney. First time offenses are often called “basic DUI’s” and Marc offers payment plans and discounts for these types of DUI’s.

Marc is flexible when it comes to first to offenders for driving under the influence. If you got caught in one of the many holiday weekend DUI checkpoints, give our law firm a call right away.

San Diego DUI Law Firms Open 24 Hours 

If you’re looking for San Diego DUI Law Firms Open 24 Hours you’ve found a great one. The Law Office of Marc S. Kohnen has over 55 perfect five star Yelp reviews. Marc is a top rated San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney, and has been recognized by AVVO with a 9.9 rating. DUI’s can strike at any time, and being locked up in County Jail is no fun at all.

If you, or a loved one, were charged with a DUI over the holiday than call Marc now. There are things that can be done to better your legal position. If you have any desire to file a DUI DMV hearing, you need to move quickly. Call Marc now and schedule a free San Diego DUI Consultation.