San Diego Defense Lawyers

If you’ve found yourself on the wrong side of the law, you have options. There are a lot of good San Diego Defense Lawyers. Marc Kohnen happens to be one of the highest reviewed Criminal Defense Attorneys in San Diego. With over 55 perfect five-star yelp reviews and glowing Google testimonials, clients say they love the support Marc provides. First and foremost, criminal defense is personal for Marc. He manages each case, you will be working directly with Mr. Kohnen, not with an associate attorney.

One on one support is important to Mr. Kohnen. He believes that when clients are accused of a crime, anxieties can be high and stress can cause more harm than good. This is why Marc makes himself avaibale to his clients. As a premier defense attorney, Mr. Kohen has earned his reputation as a top rated lawyer. From AVVO to SuperLawyers, Marc has been recognized as one of the highest regarded attorneys in San Diego County.

DUI San Diego Defense Lawyers 

DUI’s happen to be a very common arrest made in San Diego. It makes sense. Our city has one of the best nightlife scenes in the United States. From the Gaslamp District to the beaches on Encinitas, San Diego knows how to have a good time. Mr. Kohnen is a top-rated San Diego DUI Attorney. He has handled thousands of criminal issues over his tenured career. After a DUI, you may be panicking about your driving privileges, as well as work-related issues. This is why Marc offers a free DUI consultation.

A DUI is not normally the end of the world. Sometimes however DUI’s can be more serious. If this was not your first offense, or if someone was injured due to an accident you caused while driving intoxicated, call our law firm now. Mr. Kohnen has handled many high profile, complex cases. The law firm has been publicized by NBC, CBS, and other national news agencies for taking big-time cases to court, and winning.

State versus Federal Criminal Defense 

There are two types of crimes that Marc deals with. State cases and Federal cases. Not every lawyer who is licensed in the state of California is allowed to practice Federal cases. Marc is a well respected San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney. He takes on DUI, Drug Chargers, Violent Crimes, and even Federal Fraud and Sex Crime cases. Having an attorney like Marc may be helpful when dealing with multiple legal jurisdiction issues. If your case is high profile, or if you believe you are about to be blasted all over the media, call now.

State and Federal criminal charges are different animals. Fed cases usually are much more serious, and typically have longer prison sentences attached to them. If you are unsure of where your case lands, call Marc now for a free confidential criminal defense consultation.