San Diego Domestic Violence Lawyers

Fox News reported today that an armed carjacker appears to be tormenting the streets of Downtown San Diego. Violent Crimes, Assault & Battery, and DUI’s tend to rise on holiday weekends. If you’re looking for San Diego Domestic Violence Lawyers, call Marc today. Look, we know well that on the 4th of July, as well as other celebratory days, people like to drink. We’re not here to judge or provide advice on the consumption of alcohol, but we are here to help if you end up in jail due to a violent crime.

Alsochaol does tend to increase some peoples temper. If you have found yourself on the wrong side of the law after partying this week, a San Diego Defense Attorney may be your best bet at clearing up your legal mess. Marc is a top rated Defense Attorney in Downtown San Diego. With over 55 perfect five-star Yelp reviews and a 9.9 AVVO rating, Marc has been a trusted San Diego Defense Lawyer for nearly two decades.

San Diego Defense Attorneys Open 24 Hours 

If you’re looking for San Diego Defense attorneys open 24 hours then call The Law Office of Marc S. Kohen now. You can reach us at (619) 398-2500, and we provide a free confidential consultation. Marc knows that people get arrested regardless of the day and time. If you’ve found yourself facing criminal charges, please allow us to provide you with a free case review. Marc is a premier San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer and meets with each client personally.

Mr. Kohnen has been televised by NBC, CBS, and ABC for taking complex criminal cases to trial. Not only is Marc a decorated defense lawyer, but more importantly, he has successfully won not guilty verdicts for very high profile cases. If you are looking to protect your freedom and fight your charges, call Marc today. He will fight for your rights.

Best Attorney for a Plea Deal in San Diego 

Sometimes clients call our law firm because they know they are guilty. Rather than trying to prove their innocence and fight their case, a lot of times clients wish to lessen their exposure by admitting guilt. If you’re looking for the best attorney for a plea deal in San Diego, do your homework. First, there truly is no such thing as the best attorney. What is important is finding the attorney you feel is best for you. Every case is unique and people have different personalities.

Marc meets with each potential client one on one. During your confidential consultation, Mr. Khonen opens the floor. This gives you an opportunity to ask all the questions you want, and this may help you determine if you feel Marc is right for you. If you want to try and work out a deal, in an attempt to lower your punishment, call Marc now for a confidential case review. Marc can help analyze if a plea deal is right for you, and he can also estimate any potential incarceration time.