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Criminal activities involving the internet encompass many different types of offenses, including various kinds of cyber fraud, scams, hacking, online solicitation of a minor, cyber stalking, child pornography and identity theft. Special law enforcement task forces have been established over the years to monitor Internet activities and engage suspected offenders through chat rooms and other online meeting places. Sometimes investigations go too far and result in the violation of a person’s rights.

When defending a person charged with an Internet crime, one of the first actions a criminal attorney will take is to investigate the methods used to collect the evidence in your case. If you are facing internet-related criminal charges, contact an internet crime attorney in San Diego at The Law Office of Marc S. Kohnen. The firm is not only experienced in criminal defense, but also up-to-date on online technologies and legal issues pertaining to computer crimes.

Internet Crime Penalties

Internet crimes can be charged as misdemeanor, felony and federal offenses depending on the extent of the activity. Certain types of online crimes, such as the distribution and possession of child pornography can violate both a state and federal laws. The prosecution will have extensive resources that they can take advantage of when pursuing a conviction, which makes representation by a knowledgeable defense firm essential. If you are found guilty of an online offense, you will be facing penalties such as:

  • Incarceration
  • Fines
  • Restitution
  • Asset seizure

Choose the Skilled Defense You Need

Attorney Marc S. Kohnen provides effective and skilled representation in internet crime cases, and can give you the legal help and protection that you will need. He has successfully represented clients in many complex criminal matters, and can be relied on for unwavering advocacy.

If you are being investigated for an internet crime, he will do everything he can to prevent formal charges from being filed. Contact a lawyer from the firm for legal advice and assistance if you are facing internet criminal accusations.

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