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Theft Crimes

If you have been arrested and charged with a theft crime, this is a very serious legal situation to face. It is strongly urged that you immediately contact a seasoned San Diego theft defense attorney to protect yourself and explain your options. The Law Office of Marc S. Kohnen is uniquely qualified to represent you, having a long history of success in criminal defense.

If you or a loved one has been charged with any theft crime, contact our firm urgently for a no-cost review of your case. In such cases the evidence against you must be reviewed at once to begin looking at the options you may have for a compelling defense.

Types of Theft Crime in San Diego

It is crucial to have a qualified criminal defense lawyer on your side if you have been arrested for theft. Without a criminal defense lawyer fighting for you every step of the way, you will likely have prison time in your future, as well as other penalties.

Some of the types of theft crimes that can be defended by the Law Office of Marc S. Kohnen include:

Get Help Fighting Your Theft Crime Charges

If you are even under investigation for a theft crime and have not yet been arrested, call an attorney from The Law Office of Marc S. Kohnen in order to protect yourself. There are many legal options in defending a theft crime. Many cases are dismissed or the charges are reduced. These results come from a qualified and skilled San Diego criminal defense attorney who knows how to work within the California legal system.

Don’t’ take any chances with your future; ensure that you have legal backup behind you when you face a theft crime arrest. Call now for your free evaluation with a lawyer, who will speak with you personally and discuss your case. Contact a San Diego theft crime lawyer from the firm for experienced legal counsel if you are facing a theft crime charge.

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