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Although the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees Americans the right to keep and bear arms, each state imposes different laws. California, in particular, is known for its strict gun and weapon laws and as a result, breaking any can end in harsh penalties. If you find yourself facing firearm or gun charges, you need an experienced San Diego firearms lawyer to defend you. The law firm of Marc S. Kohnen practices firearm and weapon offenses in San Diego as part of a large range of criminal defense.

The Most Common Gun or Weapon Offenses

Possession of a Deadly Weapon under Penal Code § 16590
Possession of an Assault Weapon under Penal Code § 30600
Felon in Possession of a Firearm under Penal Code § 29800
Carrying a Concealed Weapon under Penal Code § 25400
Unlawful Sale or Distribution of a Weapon under Penal Code § 26500
Brandishing a Firearm under Penal Code § 417
Unlawful Discharge of a Firearm under Penal Code § 246; Penal Code § 246.3; Penal Code § 247; and Penal Code § 12022.53

Factors Considered Whether if It’s Charged as a Felony

  • Type of weapon
  • Number of weapons
  • If the weapon was loaded or not
  • What was committed with the weapon
  • If the weapon was stolen
  • If a minor was involved
  • If the offender was under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • The offender’s criminal record



Maximum punishment of up to one year in county jail.


Maximum punishment of up to three years in a state prison.

Who Can Own a Gun in California?

California has several limitations on which citizens can legally own and carry handguns. Most citizens have the right to own and bear arms with the exception of the following:

  • A person convicted of a felony
  • Minors
  • A person with a mental condition
  • A person convicted of certain misdemeanors
  • A person addicted to narcotics
  • A person who has been involuntarily held because they are a danger to themselves or another
  • A person on probation
  • A person with a restraining/protective order against them

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