Credit card fraud is a form of identity theft, and it is a federal crime that carries serious consequences with a conviction. Section 1029 of Title 18 of the United States Code provides for up to 15 years in prison upon a guilty verdict in cases of credit card fraud, and if you have been charged with this white collar crime, you need to do everything possible to clear your name.

You should avoid speaking with investigators until you have been advised of your rights by a knowledgeable San Diego credit card fraud attorney. Statements that you make on the record can be used to build the case against you and could make it more difficult to keep you from being convicted.

Get the Defense of an Experienced San Diego Credit Card Fraud Attorney

Federal investigators have a heightened level of attention on the area of credit card fraud because it has become easier in many ways to commit this crime through the internet. Some cases involve theft or fraudulent use of an individual credit card number, while others involve sophisticated hacking operations and misappropriation of millions of dollars. Fraudulent wire transactions, balance transfers and purchase made with another person’s card all fall under the category of credit card fraud.

The Law Office of Marc S. Kohnen can fight to defend your rights when you have been accused of credit card fraud. There are many ways to challenge a charge of this nature, and during an initial consultation you can explore the case to find the best strategy for you.

Whether you can prove your innocence or if you seek to have the case dropped on the grounds that the evidence against you was illegally obtained, Marc S. Kohnen will work tirelessly to protect you from the consequences of a conviction.
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