Money laundering is a white collar crime that is often charged in addition to other criminal allegations when there is a transfer of funds involved in the crime. The term refers to moving money around through one or more relay points, in order to conceal either the source or the destination of the funds. It is common as a method of transferring the proceeds from
drug sales and distribution and drug
transportation, as well as in facilitating
credit card fraud or

Unusually large deposits or withdrawals from bank accounts will often alert law enforcement agencies to the possibility of illegal activity, so money launderers attempt to avoid this by moving the money through several channels, in smaller amounts. Many individuals are charged with money laundering in addition to being prosecuted for the underlying crime. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can investigate the evidence against you to determine the best approach for defeating the charge and protecting you from criminal penalties.

Charged with money laundering in San Diego?

Chapter 10 of the California Penal Code defines money laundering as a felony, and the penalty you face depends on the total amount of money involved. A conviction can send you to state prison for anywhere from 1 to 4 years, in addition to the sentence for any additional crime for which you are found guilty.

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