The Law Offices of Marc S. Kohnen focuses its entire practice on the defense of those accused of crimes. Mr. Kohnen is licensed in State as well as Federal Courts. He has been recognized by AVVO as a Top Rated  Criminal Defense Attorney and has been chosen by the Yelp Community as the top ranked Criminal Defense Lawyer in San Diego with the most 5 star ratings. Marc has also been television nationally, as he has handled many high profile cases. Call today for a free consultation.

“I am attorney Marc Kohnen and I believe that every client has a right to defend their interests. Whether you are guilty or innocent, there are things  we can do to benefit your position. Call my office today and ask to speak with me directly.” – MSK

Federal & State Fraud Cases

From Wire Fraud to Tax Evasion, getting charged with a White Collar crime can ruing your business, your reputation, and your family life. I can help defend all of these, plus protect your financial interests.

Drug Charges & Large Drug Busts

From State to Federal Courts, getting hit with a Drug Charge can be an uphill battle. I have handled high profile criminal drug cases for over a decade. Call me for a confidential consultation.

DUI & DWI Representation

Whether it is your first DUI or if you are a repeat offender, there are things we can do help protect your drivers license. I offer affordable DUI Defense. Call today to schedule a DMV hearing. 

RICO & Organized Crime Cases

The Fed’s have a really cool tool, it’s called RICO. If you have been charged with conspiracy or an Organized Crime call my offices today to schedule a confidential consultation. Yes, I can come to you.

Gun Charges & Assault

San Diego and California are of a Democratic mindset. Which means they don’t really like guns, or violence. Call me and let me FIGHT for your freedom in court. 

Family Violence & Crimes of Passion

San Diego is a “family based” community. People spend a lot of money to live and raise their kids here. So law enforcement cracks down on violence. I can help protect you.

Probation Violation & Open Warrants

Whether you violated your probation or you found out you have an open warrant, call my law office today. There are things we can do to help you through this.

Burglary & Theft Charges

From Grand Theft Auto to Credit Card Fraud, you need to defend yourself if you’ve been charged with stealing. Call my law firm and we can build a defense suited for your situation. 

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