San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer

Punishments in San Diego criminal cases can be harsh and lead to dire consequences. Even after you’re released from prison, you can be snatched off your rights to vote, own a gun, or even join the military ranks. Since Californian law carries several complexities, it’s crucial to have an experienced criminal defense lawyer by your side.

If you’re dreading the court time and looking for an expert to deal with the accusations, Marc Kohnen can be your best choice.

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A 5-star Rated San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer

For the past ten years, the people of San Diego have trusted Marc for the brilliance and skills he shows in court. Owing to the top-rated reviews Marc has on Yelp, Google, and AVVO, it’s no surprise why he’s become the best choice San Diego criminal defense lawyer of the accused and undefended.

Marc focuses on achieving the best outcome, no matter the complexity of your case. From simple DUI to high-profile white-collar cases, Marc Kohnen handles each case with unmatched attention to detail. Ultimately, you can have the relief of having a dedicated friend in the shape of an attorney by your side.


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A criminal charge alone can cause anxiety and panic. Being a prominent defense attorney for the past decade, Marc realizes the situation you’re going through.

Besides that, he also understands the hesitancy people often face when contacting a criminal defense lawyer in San Diego – issues like confidentiality require special focus.

Although you might have to deal with junior partners or be shoved towards assistants in other law firms, that’s not how we work at The Law Office of Marc S. Kohnen. Instead, you can rest assured of meeting Marc in a one-on-one meeting where he goes through the whole process while keeping you informed about the defense strategy.

As the best San Diego criminal defense lawyer, Marc firmly believes in protecting individual rights. That’s why all the meetings are held with complete confidentiality. In turn, this helps by giving you the absolute freedom to speak your mind without fearing violation of privacy.


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How Much Does a Professional San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer Charge?

It’s understandable to worry about the charging fee of an experienced San Diego criminal defense lawyer.

At The Law Office of Marc S. Kohnen, we know emotional stress isn’t all you’re undergoing. Financial stress can pile up as well if you end up hiring an expensive criminal defense attorney. That’s where Marc stands out. Being an affordable San Diego criminal defense lawyer, Marc delivers reasonable rates for your peace of mind.


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Marc Kohnen – Internationally Recognized Criminal Defense Lawyer

Marc has been broadcasted and interviewed as the best criminal defense attorney in San Diego from national television to the international media.

Over the years, he’s brought his knowledge and expertise to fruition and fought for the freedom of people left tangled with the intricacies of Californian law. From the initial consultation to coming out of court with your head held high, you can bear witness to hiring the best defense attorney in San Diego county.


Being Accused Isn’t the End of the Road. Call Today to Reclaim Your Freedom.

Innocent until proven guilty. That’s the philosophy Marc holds on to while taking any case. Apart from building a strong defense, Marc makes it a point to reassure his clients that accusations need solid proof to account for a conviction. And even if you are guilty, you have a real chance at living your life the way you want. Why do we say that? Due to the 90% of the past cases Marc has dealt with. And given Marc’s expertise as the top-rated San Diego criminal defense lawyer, he’s the go-to attorney for several Hollywood celebrities. Many of them are living fabulous lives even after dealing with the court. And that’s all down to Marc’s excellent negotiation skills and utilizing unique courtroom strategies.

So, why not for you as well? The Law Office of Marc S. Kohnen will stop at nothing until you can reclaim your right of freedom and reputation.