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When your back is against the wall, and you need to defend your freedom, a San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer can be your best ally. Marc Kohnen is a decorated State and Federal San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney. He has been televised nationally, appearing on NBC, CBS, and ABC. From simple DUI to high profile Murder and White Collar Crime Cases, Mr. Kohnen is a friend in your corner. Call today to speak to Marc directly.

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After an arrest you may be scrambling for an attorney. First, do not panic. Allowing anxiety and stress to steer your legal decisions is not recommended. You need to think clearly, and logically. If you want to hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer, one great way of determining who to hire, is to check out reviews. Marc Kohnen has the highest San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer Reviews on yelp. He has over 55 FIVE STAR client testimonials and dozens more on Google and AVVO.

One on One Meeting with a San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you are facing a criminal conviction your anxiety can become overwhelming. A criminal charge or accusation alone can cause all sorts of mental issues and panic. Mr. Kohnen knows this well. This is why he provides confidential, one on one meetings, with his clients. Some Criminal Defense Attorneys push their cases off to an assistant or junior partner within the firm. Marc doesn’t believe in managing cases that way. He takes time to meet with you, not just once but throughout the whole process, to keep you up to speed an informed about your defense.

If you have been indicted or charged with a crime reach for Marc Kohnen. For over a decade Mr. Kohnen has handled some of the most high profile cases. He has been recognized by AVVO as a 9.7 rated Criminal Defense Lawyer, and has also been televised on national news agencies such as NBC’s Today Show. If you want to defend your freedom and work with an attorney who truly is in your corner, call Kohnen today.

Criminal Defense Lawyer in San Diego

Who is the best San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer?

We are asked this question by almost every client. It sounds like the most honest question any client could ever ask. The truth though, is that there is no such thing as the best Criminal Defense Lawyer. What we ask clients to focus on is trying to find the best lawyer for their needs and their case. If you are contemplating hiring a San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer you may want to start by reading online reviews. Another great way of figuring out who to retain is to ask for a free consultation. Talking to a potential attorney, asking questions about your case, and providing information about your expectations is a perfect way to help pair you with a lawyer that fits your needs.

Marc Kohnen knows how stressful this time in your life can be. So, as a way to help guide you through this tough time, Marc offers a free confidential consultation. Call today to schedule an appointment.


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If you believe you are ready to hire a San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer, call our office today. We have over a decade of success handling State and Federal Criminal Charges. From NBC to ABC Mr. Kohnen has been recognized nationally as a top rated Criminal Defense Attorney. We defend cases for DUI, DWI, Drug Charges, White Collar Crime, Murder, Fraud, Violent Acts, as well as all Criminal Charges on both State and Federal levels. Call today to schedule a one on one confidential consultation with Marc. He will fight to keep you free. 

Criminal Defense Lawyers in San Diego County
Criminal Defense Lawyer in San Diego County

If you are taking the time to search online for criminal defense lawyers in San Diego County, breathe easy. Marc wants you to know that a criminal charge, even a conviction, isn’t the end of the road. Mr. Kohnen handles complex criminal defense litigation. From Federal Fraud and Drug Crime Cases to Violent Crimes and Murder Charges, Marc’s handled it all. Marc says that 90% of his clients have a REAL chance at life after their case, even when they are guilty. From organizing Federal Plea Deals that lower the time spent in prison to fighting to keep the accused free and out of incarceration, Marc Kohnen is second to none. In fact, aside from being a 9.7 Excellent Rated AVVO Lawyer, he was recently awarded the California Criminal Defense SUPER LAWYERS Badge. Call today for a confidential consultation. 

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