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Grand theft is taking another person’s property unlawfully without consent and valued at more than $950. There are four significant types of grand theft.

Grand Theft by Larceny: Taking someone’s property without permission, either by moving it or intending to deprive the owner permanently of a significant value of that property.

Grand Theft by Embezzlement: Using someone’s property to your benefit and which was entrusted to you, intending to deprive the owner permanently or temporarily.

Grand Theft by Trickery: Adopting deceit to trick someone into allowing you to take possession of their property while intending to deprive the owner permanently.

Grand Theft by False Pretense: Deceiving someone by making false statements and intending to convince that person to let have their property. This leads to that person relying on your false pretense and permitting you to own their property.

Given all these types, the prosecution must prove every element beyond a reasonable doubt. For example, the prosecutor has to determine if you took possession of another’s property without permission. The prosecutor also has to prove if you intended to deprive the owner permanently. Above all, if the property was valued at more than $950.

If it’s valued at less than $950, then you will have to face robbery charges.

Additionally, grand theft is considered a wobbler offense. That means the prosecutor can file either a misdemeanor or a felony depending upon the case circumstances.

If you’re charged with a misdemeanor, you can face a maximum sentence of one year in county jail. And in case of a felony grand theft, the penalty can range from a sentence of sixteen months to 2 or 3 years in state prison.

Here, an experienced grand theft attorney can play his part to save you from the worst consequences.

As a legal firm working for the past decade, we take every aspect under consideration. From evaluating the consent to mistaken identity, false accusations, and lack of criminal intent, we leave no stone unturned to prove your innocence.

If you find yourself facing grand theft charges and fear arrest, the first thing you have to do is practice your right not to speak.

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