White Collar Crime Attorney San Diego

White Collar Crime Attorney San Diego

The Federal Government has been criticized in the media over the past twenty years for taking it easy on financial crimes. From rumors of Fraudulent Bankers going time at “Club Fed” to allowing the mortgage market to blow up, the FBI got slammed. Well, times have changed. The Federal Government no longer turns a blind eye to non-violent financial crimes. Instead, the FBI now brings the hammer. White Collar Crime Attorney San Diego Super Star Marc Kohnen might be your next best investment.

With unlimited resources and the power of the United States Government behind them, the FBI and US Attorneys Office enlist the best help. The IRS and ATF can even get special subpoenas to track and trace money sources. If you have been indicted, you need to move quickly to protect your financial assets as well as your freedom. For those of you who believe that an arrest is “looming” in the near future, call our law firm today for a confidential consultation. By getting out ahead of an indictment, we might be able to leverage your position.

Top Rated White Collar Crime Attorneys in San Diego 

San Diego is one of California’s most expensive cities to live in. The average cost of renting a condo here runs well over $4,000.00 a month. Let’s talk straight, and not sugar coat your current predicament. Chasing beautiful women, partying with executives on roof tops after work, and “keeping up with the Jones’s” can and will bury you. If this type of crazy lifestyle has caught up with you, Marc Kohen may be able to provide a way out.

The FBI and IRS want White Collar Crime Criminals to pay for their mistakes. This means prison sentences and massive amounts of restitution. Unlike Drug Crimes or Violent Offenses, after serving your time for Money Laundering or Wire Fraud, you do NOT get to go back to living a normal life. Sounds insane doesn’t it? A violent offender or a drug king pin gets to do their time and move on with their life. You “fluff” the books and steal paper money and get black balled for life. However, this is what happens. That is, unless you hire a damn good Federal Fraud Attorney to have your back.

San Diego Federal Fraud Defense Lawyer 

Federal Fraud penalties are far different than those you face on a State Level. For starters, due to over crowded state penitentiaries, California State Prison Terms are cut short. If you are convicted in the State of California, lack of funding for jails and pressure from tax payers, means you serve about half the time. So a 10 year sentence means you’re incarcerated for about 5. Add in good time and other potential remedies, you might be out in 4 years.

In the Federal Prison System, if you get hit with 10 years you are doing 85% MINIMUM. Period. The only Federal Prison Program that allows for time off is RDAP, which is reserved for drug crimes and those with drug addiction documented within their PSI report. The point is this, if you’ve been charged with Federal Wire Fraud, Mail Fraud, Mortgage or Real State Fraud, or Bank Fraud you need a San Diego Federal Fraud Defense Lawyer.

White Collar Crime Attorney San Diego Reviews 

If you’re still combing through this page, and you haven’t already picked up the phone and called our office, here is our last web tip. Read online reviews and testimonials. Look, not every review is going to be real. We know this, you know this. However, with Marc Kohnen, he does not allow for fake reviews. It’s not his nature, and you will notice that upon first speaking with him. Marc didn’t just get pushed into criminal defense, he went after it.

Some lawyers focus on Personal Injury or Federal Criminal Defense because of the money. Mr. Kohnen became a Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer because of something that happened to him during his childhood. A close relative of his was wrongful convicted, served time, and then was exonerated after release. While it felt amazing for his family member to be claimed innocent and to have his conviction overturned, it was too late for his family life.

Destroyed careers and broken families are just some of the many casualties that can come with a Federal Prison Sentence. Marc does all he can to prepare you and your family so that you not only get through your case, but that you come out the other end in one piece.