Outstanding Warrants Attorney

Outstanding Warrants Attorney in San Diego

Finding out that you are the subject of an outstanding warrant can cause unbounded stress and lead to anxiety.

Although ignoring the situation seems like a good option, you would only be postponing the inevitable – getting arrested.

So, in such times, it’s always best to have an experienced outstanding warrants attorney in San Diego to tackle the matter professionally.

Once an arrest warrant is issued, law enforcement officers have to execute it and arrest you. A valid arrest warrant includes:

  • Your name.
  • The crime you are accused of.
  • The time when the warrant was issued.
  • The city or county of issuance.
  • The judge’s signature and title.
  • Court name.

Don’t Address a San Diego Arrest Warrant Alone

Many individuals make the mistake of turning themselves in and attend court hearings without proper representation. But the judge has already heard every possible excuse from defendants and is relatively unsympathetic to your situation. That’s why you can have a hard time defending yourself in court by yourself.

Here, hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney can work in your favor. Marc Kohnen offers personalized services to protect your rights.
Not only can Marc advocate your case before the judge, but he also fights to reduce your bail. Owing to his experience and your good reputation, you can even be released on your own recognizance.

So, how does Marc do that? Marc is well in-depth with Californian law. That’s why he presents valuable evidence before the court that helps in retaining your freedom. Marc uses his special negotiation skills to seek leniency from the judge, too. Ultimately, you can avoid severe consequences without visiting the court more than once.

Contact the Best San Diego Criminal Defense Law Firm

You might have a legitimate reason to violate a court order, but doing that can add to your burden. The Law Office of Marc S. Kohnen holds experience in dealing with all types of cases.

Whether it’s an outstanding bench warrant or arrest warrant, Marc can become your legal voice before the court.

Regardless of the felony or misdemeanor charges you’re facing, we offer the customized and aggressive advocacy you deserve. In this way, we save you and your loved ones from getting into a life-altering situation.