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Meet Marc Kohnen – Your go-to Criminal Defense Attorney in San Diego

Everyone deserves the right to defend themselves. As a highly-acclaimed criminal defense attorney in San Diego, Marc has defended highly complex criminal cases over the years, even representing Hollywood celebrities. When it’s about protecting your rights, Marc puts his experience into practice and prepares the best defense. This way, he saves you significant jail time and thousands of dollars you might spend otherwise.

Criminal Defense Attorney San Diego

Putting Your Freedom, Liberty and Peace of Mind First

For the past 13 years, Marc Kohnen has strived to become the voice of the accused. Marc believes in the philosophy, ‘innocent until proven guilty.’ So, when you reach out to Marc, you can rest assured of being in capable hands with your rights protected in every possible way. Whether you’ve been accused of a federal offense or facing theft charges, hiring the best criminal defense attorney in San Diego can relieve you of your stresses instantly.

Let Marc Become Your Voice in the Court.

Legal issues require expert legal advice. With Marc by your side, avoid a permanent criminal record and keep your reputation intact.

Providing Legal Insight Like Never Before

Carrying glowing recommendations and 5-star Yelp reviews, Marc understands the emotionally rattling experience you’re going through. But no matter how tough, Marc is here to deliver to you the same high-quality results that have earned him the reputation of San Diego’s best criminal defense attorney.

Ask any other attorney before you decide to hire them if they have ever put a NOT GUILTY Verdict on the Front Page???

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DUI’s can be as simple as being a bit over the limit when stopped for a minor traffic violation or as complex as allegedly being substantially over the limit and allegedly causing a major car accident, resulting in severe injuries to multiple parties.

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If you’re taking the time read our newest law firm article than chances are high either you, or someone you love, is facing a criminal charge.

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