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Child molestation comes under the sexual abuse of a child by an adult. The activities involve anything meant to sexually stimulate the adult, either by hugging, kissing, touching, or inappropriate physical contact. These activities don’t include sexual penetration.

Californian law holds a strict stance on sexual abuse crimes with penalties ranging from a lifetime in prison to being labeled a permanent sex offender.

But there’s a distinct line between being charged with child molestation and actually committing the crime. At The Law Office of Marc S. Kohnen, we stand to protect your rights. We realize the strong possibility of being accused with a false accusation. And when that happens, that’s enough to begin an investigation, leading to ruining your life permanently.

Depending on the severity of the crime, the court can penalize you with restitution and social and employment implications. If you’re found guilty as a first-time offender, you can face between 3 to 8 years in prison, too.

Additionally, sex crimes involving children attract a lot of media attention. In turn, this can put pressure on the prosecution and jury to deal ferociously with the case. All of this can be overwhelming for you, but make no mistake: the court is less likely to show pity to your case. That’s why it’s crucial to retain a child molestation defense attorney who knows what’s at stake.

At The Law Office of Marc S. Kohnen, we evaluate each case with the attention it deserves. Furthermore, we’re aware that law enforcement uses several tactics to coerce the accused into making a statement of admission. In such cases, we advise our clients to exercise their right not to speak – not until they’ve consulted with an expert criminal defense lawyer. In child molestation cases, we analyze various defenses to choose from, including:

  • Illegal search and seizure of evidence and person.
  • False accusations.
  • Non-sexual nature of the contact.

Since it’s up to the prosecution to prove each element, we ensure the prosecutor abides by their duty before a conviction occurs. Given any missing element or evidence of illegally obtained evidence, we request the jury to reconsider the charges. Most often, it can lead to the court reducing the charges or complete dismissal.

A sex crime can follow you for the entirety of your life, even if you’re not convicted of the offense. In some cases, the jury can even proceed without sufficient witnesses to bring justice. But we realize the social stigma attached with facing even a lesser penalty such as employment deprivation. That’s why we put our best foot forward to defend your rights in court. Not only that, but we also keep high regard for your privacy.

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