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Criminal offenses can serve as a life-turning event. Whether you have been charged with a misdemeanor, drug trafficking, or possession, having an expert drug crime attorney is imperative. That’s where Marc Kohnen can help you.

Over the past ten years, Marc has developed an unbeatable reputation as a trusted drug crime attorney in San Diego. Considering his over 50 five-star Yelp reviews, Marc is the go-to lawyer you can trust for your freedom.

As a distinguished attorney, Marc specializes in defending those who have pending criminal charges. Since drug accusations require immediate and expert consultation, you shouldn’t compromise on the attorney you select for your case.

Marc is all about practical and committed representation. So, you can rest assured to have a dedicated drug crime attorney that becomes your voice in court.

A Drug Crime Attorney Who Fights for Your Freedom

The United States government deals with a ferocious approach to all drug offenses. As a result, it’s not uncommon to see lying informants and invalid search and arrest warrants. In cases like these, beating a drug charge demands an apt defense case preparation. That’s why Marc deals with agility and starts right away to build up a strong defense for your case.

Given that the stakes are high, there can’t be a substitute for expertise and experience – something that Marc proudly upholds. So, why take the chance when you can hire San Diego’s top-rated drug crime attorney?

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Qualified, On-Point, & Personal Court Representation for Drug Charges in San Diego

Criminal cases initially involve a preliminary hearing for a grand jury to decide if there’s enough evidence for the case to continue. An expert San Diego drug crime attorney works to find the loopholes in the drug lab testing, checking if your rights were violated. In turn, this can lead to the grand jury dropping your case after the initial hearing.

At The Law Office of Marc S. Kohnen, we realize the stressful situation you go through after being accused of a drug crime. Keeping that in mind, Marc works with his team to eliminate your troubles, helping you get back to your productive life.

Being well-accustomed to the San Diego criminal law, Marc deals with the professionalism required to hold any negotiations in court. So, no matter how tough your situation may seem to you, Marc will put his experience into practice to minimize or remove your jail time altogether.

The Drug Crimes Marc Can Help You with

Over the years, Marc has served several clients caught or charged with different drug offenses. The type of drug charges Marc deals with include:

  • Cocaine charges
  • Marijuana-related crimes
  • Drug crime penalties
  • DUI with narcotics or prescription meds
  • Heroin and Opiates
  • Vicodin and pain pill charges
  • Anabolic steroids and HGH crimes
  • Meth crimes

Don’t Go Through the Stress of Being Charged with a Drug Offense Alone

Although misdemeanor penalties are less severe, with less than a year of jail time, why go through that painful time? Retaining a professional drug crime attorney in San Diego is your best chance to fight your charges. That’s why Marc Kohnen offers professional drug crime attorney services for your benefit.

Working on dropping your charges not only helps you prevent a criminal record but also helps avoid the consequences of having a criminal record. Ultimately, you can have your life as unaffected as possible without losing your mental peace.

Hire a Drug Crime Attorney for Felony Charges

A felony comprises a sentence of over a year in jail or state prison. If you’re facing a possible felony with defenses such as entrapment, necessity, self-defense, or even mistaken fact, Marc can help you out.

Having dealt with several major clients, including Hollywood celebrities, Marc knows what’s at stake. So, when you book a consultation with one of the most prized San Diego drug crime attorneys, you can stop losing hope instantly.

Instead, you can rest assured that Marc will start working on building your defense by analyzing the facts and figures right away.

Given the decade-long experience, Marc offers attentive, comprehensive, and effective legal counseling to address your criminal charges.
Furthermore, Marc does not differentiate between clients and upholds his vision to fight for his client’s rights.

His work procedure involves investigating the evidence the prosecution provides and finding the flaws and inconsistencies within them. Doing this helps build a solid and detailed defense to challenge your drug charges and provide the best opportunity to achieve the ultimate success – your freedom.

Get the relentless advocacy you deserve with Marc as your trusted San Diego drug crime attorney.

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