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Drug Crime Attorney San Diego reviews get no better than Marc Kohnen’s. With over 55 perfect five star yelp reviews, clients LOVE the way Mr. Kohnen fights for their freedom. As a decorated San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer, Mr. Kohnen specializes in defending those that have pending criminal charges. Marc S. Kohnen handles cases relating to drug offenses, assault charges, and DUIs or DWIs, to name a few. If you’ve been charged, you should immediately contact our San Diego law office to speak to an experienced San Diego criminal defense attorney. We can protect your rights every step of the way and help you fight for reduced or dropped charges.

Criminal accusations can have both immediate and long-term consequences that can change the course of a person’s life. Whether you have been charged with a misdemeanor, felony or federal offense, representation by a knowledgeable criminal lawyer in San Diego is imperative. The Law Office of Marc S. Kohnen is dedicated to providing clients facing criminal charges with effective and committed representation.

Attorney Marc S. Kohnen has many years of experience representing clients in criminal cases, and will provide the focused and determined legal assistance that you will need. He is a proven litigator that will aggressively challenge the prosecution’s case, and zealously protect your constitutional rights.

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In California, criminal cases first involve a preliminary hearing or a grand jury to decide if there is any probable cause for the case to continue. A San Diego criminal defense attorney from our law firm can look into issues such as crime lab problems or Fourth Amendment violations that may lead to your case being dropped. We understand all California criminal law and can uphold it in all negotiations and in court.

We have experience representing individuals in San Diego in cases involving assault or aggravated assault, battery, domestic violence, DUI or DWI and drug-related crimes, to name a few. As criminal defense lawyers in California, we defend those with both misdemeanor or felony charges in the state. A misdemeanor is defined by jail time of less than one year in county jail while a felony can lead to over one year in state prison.

Drug Charge Defense in San Diego, CA

The firm has represented clients in a variety of cases, and you can learn more about some of the types of crimes we handle by clicking any of the links below:

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Facing any criminal charge is stressful. Retaining the best legal representation in San Diego gives you the best chance at fighting your charges. Consequences for misdemeanors include up to one year in jail and fines. While misdemeanor penalties are less severe than that of felonies, they can still affect your life. You could lose your job, be unable to get student loans or citizenship, and/or lose a professional license. A criminal record may also prevent you from attending certain schools or serving in the military. A misdemeanor charges defense attorney can investigate your charges and work to get them reduced or dropped so that your life isn’t affected.

What a Felony Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer Can Do For You

In California, a felony is defined by a sentence of over a year in jail or state prison. A felony crimes defense lawyer represents those that face a possible felony with defenses such as entrapment, necessity, self-defense or even mistake of fact.

If you’re facing prosecution, it’s important that you speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney in San Diego. Marc S. Kohnen can investigate the facts of your particular case and game plan potential defenses

No matter what charges you face, you need to be confident that a San Diego criminal defense attorney at our law firm have the courtroom experience and thorough legal knowledge required to aggressively challenge the allegations made against you. Conviction for a misdemeanor or felony crime will lead to severe consequences that could seriously impact your relationships, opportunities, and future.

The Law Office of Marc S. Kohnen provides clients with the attentive, comprehensive legal counsel needed to effectively address their criminal charges, and the team would be proud to fight for you. The firm can investigate the evidence brought forth by the prosecution to determine whether your rights were violated and find the inconsistencies and flaws in their case. They will work tirelessly to build a compelling and detailed defense to challenge your charges and provide your case with the best possible opportunity to achieve success.

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