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In the past, the federal government was criticized by the media for holding a lenient stance on financial crimes. But now, the times have changed.

The federal government no longer turns a blind eye to non-violent financial crimes. Instead, the FBI has determined strict guidelines to ensure justice.
Since the federal court isn’t likely to be mindful of your pleas or innocence anymore, it’s better to move quickly to protect your financial assets and your freedom, too.

If you have been charged with a severe white-collar crime and fear an arrest anytime, then it’s time for an expert consultation with a white-collar crime attorney in San Diego.

As a top-rated criminal defense lawyer, Marc Kohnen has dealt with several cases in the past, even of Hollywood celebrities. We’d love to get you out of your drastic position by leveraging your condition.

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The Types of White-Collar Crimes We Handle

White-collar crime is usually considered a non-violent act involving deception. The evidence usually comprises a paper trail which investigators use to prosecute the accused. Since a business person or public figure most often commits this particular offense, hence the name ‘white-collar.’

Law enforcement and the federal government hold the hammer down while investigating the severity of these crimes. So much so that it can get challenging to evade the charges and sentence without an experienced San Diego federal fraud defense lawyer by your side.

Marc makes it a point to defend those accused of any white-collar crimes, including fraud, embezzlement, extortion, insurance frauds, mail frauds, and many more.

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It’s understandable to feel anxious and overwhelmed about what the future holds for you. Even though you haven’t committed an act of violence, the repercussions of a conviction are often profound.

As a well-experienced San Diego federal fraud defense lawyer, Marc came into the field after seeing a closed relative undergo a wrongful conviction. That’s why Marc knows firsthand what you’re going through. And unlike other lawyers who focus on federal criminal defense because of the money, Marc works to ease the pain of the accused.

In the federal court, the prosecution has to prove you had intent to commit the crime you have been charged with. Marc works on defending your case while providing resounding evidence of your innocence. In turn, this enables the reason of doubt to rest your case in front of the federal judge. Ultimately, it can help in receiving a lighter sentence with less severe consequences.

If you’re struggling to find a white-collar criminal defense attorney in San Diego, call our office today. On his end, Marc does all he can to prepare you and your family. In this way, you can get through your case and come out in one piece on the other end.