San Diego Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic violence is considered a serious crime under strict Californian law. As a result, law enforcement stays vigilant where domestic violence comes into the picture. Any acts of physical violence can result in immediate arrest. Often, this happens due to false accusations.

If you or a loved one are undergoing such a scenario, keeping your head down is not an option. Instead, you can reach out to a professional domestic violence lawyer in San Diego at once.

Besides being an esteemed criminal defense lawyer, Marc Kohnen holds a high success rate in domestic violence defense cases. Marc, along with his team at The Law Office of Marc S. Kohnen, works efficiently to ensure all clients receive a fair trial.

Hire the Best Domestic Law Firm in San Diego

Domestic violence can occur between a spouse, roommate, family member, domestic partner, cohabitant, boyfriend, or girlfriend. But even if the victim is reluctant to press charges, the state can. And without proper representation in court, you can find yourself in trouble with the jurisdiction.

As a 5-star rated domestic violence lawyer in San Diego, Marc can defend you in the following cases:

  • Battery against spouse, cohabitant, or parents: Panel Code 243 (e)
  • Injury on spouse: Panel Code 273.5.
  • Child abuse/neglect: Panel Code 273.
  • Stalking: Panel Code 646.9.
  • Restraining order violation: Panel Code 168.
  • Criminal threats: Panel Code 422.
  • Elderly abuse: Panel Code 368.

What Penalties Can You Face for a Domestic Violence Charge?

The court judge starts by determining if the charges against you are misdemeanor or felony. These facts are evaluated based on the severity of the situation, past history, and previous charges.


Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Penalties

  • 20+ hours of community service.
  • Up to a year in jail.
  • Fines and court fees.
  • Loss of contact with the victim – Criminal Protective Order.
  • 52-week anger management course.
  • No right to own or possess a firearm for 10 years.


Felony Domestic Violence Penalties

  • No right to own or possess a firearm for life.
  • 2-4 years of prison sentence or 1 year in county jail.
  • Fines and court fees.
  • Loss of contact with the victim – Criminal Protective Order.

Schedule an Initial Consultation with an Expert Domestic Violence Lawyer in San Diego

Being falsely accused of domestic violence can impact your whole life if you simply decide to give in without consulting a domestic violence lawyer in San Diego first.

Since the law system isn’t likely to treat you with sympathy and kindness, your best bet is to have someone who can defend you aggressively in court. Combined with expert negotiation skills and a proven track record of saving client reputations, Marc is fully braced to take on your case. Not only does Marc evaluate the whole scenario in great detail, but he also offers the best possible outcome – right from the initial consultation.

When in court, Marc argues the possibilities of false evidence in front of the judge, providing enough reason to have you released without serious implications.

If you fear possible arrest, you know where to look – at The Law Office of Marc S. Kohnen.