If you are facing a Federal Indictment your best be may be to contact a San Diego Federal Criminal Defense Attorney. Unlike State Crimes, when the FBI, IRS, or ATF press charges against you, they do their homework. They thoroughly do their homework, here is why. Prior to even showing their cards and arresting you, the FBI and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies perform a detailed investigation. They gather as much evidence and documentation prior to taking you into custody because they want to KNOW that they have a solid case. The point is simple, if you’ve been charged or indicted by the Federal Government they firmly believe not only that you are guilty, but that have a near 100% chance of convicting you. No Federal Prosecutor wants to lose a case. This is why the majority of Federal Indictments never go to trial, instead they end in some type of please deal.

If you have been charged with a White Collar Crime like Money Laundering or Tax Fraud, if you’ve been indicted on Drug Charges, Conspiracy, or Internet based crimes, call Marc Kohnen today for a confidential consultation. Mr. Kohnen has been televised nationally, appearing on NBC, CBS, and ABC. Marc has handled many high profile cases from Murder and White Collar Crime to Organized Crime and Drug Trafficking Charges. Kohnen is a trusted adviser in your corner. Call today to speak to Marc directly.

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A Federal Indictment or a visit from an FBI Agent asking you a lot of questions usually causes massive anxiety. Even if you have been preparing for it, no one ever wants to face down the Federal Law Enforcement Agencies. Right now you may be wondering what to do next. How do you find a lawyer who understands Federal Crimes, what are your options, will you go to Federal Prison? These are all relevant thoughts that most of our Federal Criminal Defense Clients tell us that they asked themselves right after an arrest. Rightfully so, Federal Charges can carry DECADES of time spent in custody.

Marc however urges you NOT to panic. It’s not going to help you or your defense. Letting anxiety  and fear direct your legal decisions is not going to be beneficial. You need to think clearly, and you need to believe their is a light at the end of the tunnel. Marc can help you with that. So, it is what it is, you got hit with a Federal Indictment. Now you need a very good Federal Criminal Defense Attorney in San Diego to protect your rights and defend your freedom. But who do you turn to?

If you want to hire a San Diego Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer, one great way of determining who to hire, is to check out reviews. Mr. Kohnen has the highest San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer Reviews on yelp. He has over 55 FIVE STAR client testimonials and dozens more on Google and AVVO. Don’t wait another minute, call The Law Offices of Marc S. Kohnen today.

Confidential San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney Consultation

Understanding your  Federal Charges, the law, and your defense options can be difficult, which is why our team at The Law Offices of Marc S. Kohnen proudly presents a helpful weekly post and pod cast to answer your questions. We call it “Kohnen’s Corner”, and Marc talks about some pretty tough subjects. Things like protecting your financial assets after a White Collar Crime indictment to preparing for a long Federal Prison Sentence and what you can do to help make this transition easier for your family. Some clients who are indicted are simply looking to lesson their exposure, and want to try and cut a deal, Marc can also help with these types of Federal Plea Deals as well. Drug Charges on the Fed level can also be somewhat lessened you are able to take RDAP, which is a Federally funded Drug Program where inmates are put through rehabilitation, and subsequently receive significant time off of their sentence.

The point is this, you DO HAVE options after a Federal Charge. Your life, the majority of times, isn’t over. A decorated Criminal Defense Lawyer like Marc Kohnen, who understand the complexities of Federal Defense cases versus State Charges, can be a powerful ally when taking on the Government. Read the information throughout our Federal Charges section on our website to get more information about your case and potential options, and if you have further questions or concerns related to your specific circumstances, call us for a confidential consultation.

Who is the best San Diego Federal Criminal Defense Attorney?

Okay, so you’ve been arrested or indicted by the FBI and now you want to hire the best lawyer money can buy to stay free. Well, Mr. Kohnen is ethical, and while he is an amazing and highly decorated lawyer, he will be the first to tell you that there is NO SUCH THING as the best attorney. In fact it’s against the State Bar and even American Bar Association regulations to make such a claim. Instead, what Marc and all ethical Criminal Defense Lawyers will advise you on is to higher the BEST lawyer for YOU and YOUR case. Marc believes in one on one communication. He has over 55 REAL client FIVE STAR restimonials on YELP. He has the highest AVVO Attorney Grade Possible, and he has been published and broadcast on National News Stations such as NBC, ABC, CBS, and CNN as he has handled many high profile cases.

Marc doesn’t just represent famous actors and people in the media, he also takes on White Collar Crime charges, those in high profile business positions, internet crimes, and violent crimes. Two additional areas Marc has significant experience with are RICO and Organized Crime cases.

Marc Kohnen knows how stressful this time in your life can be. So, as a way to help guide you through this tough time, Marc offers a free confidential consultation. Call today to schedule an appointment.

Hire a San Diego Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

A Federal Criminal Defense Attorney in San Diego like Marc Kohnen, manages their practice around defending those that have pending criminal charges. Marc S. Kohnen handles cases relating to drug offenses, drug trafficking, white collar crime, RICO, and organized crime to name a few. If you’ve been charged, you should immediately contact our San Diego law office to speak to an experienced San Diego criminal defense attorney. We can protect your rights every step of the way and help you fight for reduced or dropped charges.

Criminal accusations can have both immediate and long-term consequences that can change the course of a person’s life. Whether you have been charged with a misdemeanor, felony or federal offense, representation by a knowledgeable criminal lawyer in San Diego is imperative. The Law Office of Marc S. Kohnen is dedicated to providing clients facing criminal charges with effective and committed representation.

Attorney Marc S. Kohnen has many years of experience representing clients in criminal cases, and will provide the focused and determined legal assistance that you will need. He is a proven litigator that will aggressively challenge the prosecution’s case, and zealously protect your constitutional rights.

Here are some things you might want to consider after an arrest.

If I get arrested in San Diego, what should I do?
Regardless of the accusations made against you, if you are arrested you should not resist being taken into custody, as this will only complicate your case and make matters worse. Provide the officers with your identification information but then tell them you will not say anything further until you have an attorney present, and stay quiet until your legal counselor is by your side.

Should I talk to the police?
You should not talk to law enforcement without guidance from a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney. Law enforcement agencies are allowed to lie to suspects in order to obtain information, so it is crucial that you do not say a word without an attorney to inform you of your rights and to instruct you about which questions you should or should not answer.

When should I call an attorney?
It is in your best interests to obtain the legal counsel of a criminal defense attorney in San Diego as soon as you are aware that you are under investigation or arrested for an alleged offense. Even if you are not yet formally charged with a crime, it is crucial that you talk to a lawyer about your rights and options.

How can I lower my Federal Prison Sentence?

Sometimes clients call us and they simply know they are guilty. Instead of trying to fight the feds, they just want to lower their times spent in custody. Other things, like being close to family when children are involved, and getting time to get your affairs in order before you are detained, are all things that a San Diego Federal Criminal Defense Attorney can help with. When inmates have medical issues, your attorney might be able to present medical documentation to the Bureau of Prisons in an effort to get you placed in a medical facility, which usually are much nicer than started Federal Prisons. For White Collar Crimes or for first time Non-Violent Offenders, you might even be able to get put in for Federal Prison Camp. Some camps allow inmates to actually work off site. Lastly, some Federal Prisons offer school and college courses, work training certification classes for HVAC and Welding, and UNICOR which even has options for call centers and real world job opportunities. The simple fact is that you HAVE a CHANCE at a second life and MARC KOHEN will WALK WITH THROUGH THE FIRE with you. He is not just an attorney, he is a trusted adviser and a friend who will do all he can to get you and your family through this. Here are some resources to review, also please call us directly to discuss your options.

If you believe you are ready to hire a San Diego Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer, call our office today. We have over a decade of success handling State and Federal Criminal Charges. From NBC to ABC Mr. Kohnen has been recognized nationally as a top rated Criminal Defense Attorney. We defend White Collar Crime, Murder, Fraud, Violent Acts, Conspiracy, RICO and Organized Crime, as well as all Federal Criminal Charges. Call today to schedule a confidential consultation with Mr. Kohnen.