Juvenile Defense Attorney San Diego

If a minor is arrested for breaking the law in California, it’s considered a juvenile crime.

Juvenile cases are heard in separate juvenile courts and are typically different from adult criminal courts.

While adult courts focus on punishments and ensuring justice, juvenile courts focus on rehabilitating a minor. Yet, even then, a minor can face adverse outcomes, such as probation and fines.

If you or your child are facing juvenile charges, it’s best to hire a juvenile lawyer who can take you out of this stressful situation.

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Types of Juvenile Crimes We Handle

We deal with several juvenile crimes at The Law Office of Marc S. Kohnen. Owing to our decade-old experience, we’re well-versed with how the juvenile courtrooms function. Whether your child has actually committed a crime or has been wrongly accused, we’ll do our level best to gain favorable outcomes.

As a skilled juvenile criminal defense lawyer in San Diego, Marc has won many cases, including curfew violations, drug possession, theft, assault, underage drinking, and DUI charges.

Marc uses his courtroom negotiation skills in persuading the judge to keep minors out of detention. Since we’re not in favor of punishing a child like an adult, we request the court to clear the charges and show leniency. In this way, we make room for improving your child’s future.

Juvenile Court vs. Adult Court

As a minor, you can be overwhelmed by being charged with a crime. But the adult and juvenile courts hold significant differences. Knowing the differences can help prepare you for your first appearance.

A significant difference to note is that juveniles don’t have the right to a jury trial. Instead, the court judge holds the right to decide the case outcome.

In case of a felony charge, juveniles can’t avail of the preliminary hearing. And unlike adult courts, juvenile courts do not give you the option to bail out of jail or be released on your own recognizance while pending case outcome.
Simultaneously, you are not allowed to cross-examine and confront the witness appearing against you.

While it may seem like juveniles don’t carry most rights, the outcomes are mostly cleared, with the main emphasis on rehabilitation.

Penalties for Juvenile Crimes

Like it happens in adult courts, the prosecution must provide enough evidence to convince the judge of a juvenile crime beyond a reasonable doubt. Since there is no bail system in juvenile courtrooms, the judge can either release the minor to his parents while pending an outcome or detain the juvenile in juvenile hall.

If a minor aged above 14 is accused of specific serious crimes, the prosecution can decide to try him as an adult. That’s when it becomes critical to hire an expert juvenile defense attorney in San Diego.

Without an experienced juvenile lawyer by your side, it can be overwhelming to navigate the law and avoid serious implications.

The worst-case scenario can be facing adult consequences if tried in an adult court, resulting in several years of prison time.

Having a juvenile lawyer can help by preparing you for the detention hearing. Additionally, we can prove that you won’t be a threat to the community by enrolling you in rehabilitation programs for your own benefit.

Defense Strategies for Juvenile Crimes

There is no denying the value of rehabilitation over incarceration. And that’s the defensive strategy we go for when we take up your case.

If you or your child fear the conviction of a crime, you can trust us to take every protective measure for your rights. Using our courtroom expertise, we’ll negotiate with the court on your behalf to avoid juvenile detention. Instead, we suggest rehabilitative measures, such as counseling, diversionary programs, and monitoring during your probationary period.

Given the severity of your crime, the court can subject you to monetary fines and an apology letter to the victim, too.

Hire Experienced Juvenile Criminal Defense Lawyer in San Diego

Being accused of a crime as an adult is hectic, let alone being charged of a crime as a minor. For all the right reasons, it’s crucial to retain a juvenile lawyer in San Diego that you can trust.

At The Law Office of Marc S. Kohnen, we’ve dealt with several juvenile cases in the past. Looking closely into the cases has given us deeper insight into using our knowledgeable prowess to pull you out of troubled times.

We believe in compassionate yet aggressive representation in court. For that, we have experienced juvenile defense lawyer Marc Kohnen leading from the front.

Contact our office today to book your free, initial, and confidential consultation.