Professional Hit and Run Defense Lawyer in San Diego

Being involved in an accident in San Diego can be frightening and stressful.

Keeping this in mind, it’s understandable that people often decide to flee the accident scene. But this behavior is still considered against Californian law.

The law clearly states that people involved in a hit and run must share their personal information and aid the injured. Failing to do so can lead to criminal charges.

If you are currently facing hit and run charges or fear an arrest related to a hit and run accident, it’s best not to discuss your case with anyone. Instead, you can consult an accident lawyer in San Diego to go through your case.

Hiring an experienced defense attorney can make all the difference between adding to your jail time or aiding in your freedom.

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Hit and Run Charges

In California, hit and run charges involve minor accidents such as property damage (VC 20002) and accidents leading to bodily injury or death (VC 20001).

In addition, it’s permissible for prosecutors to charge hit and run crimes as wobbler offenses under the California Vehicle Code. That means according to your unique case specifications, you can be charged with either felony or misdemeanor.

Furthermore, your criminal record and the legal counsel you decide to hire are all tied together in affecting the outcome.

Accidents Related to Property Damage vs. Bodily Injury

According to VC 20001, if a driver contributes to an accident resulting in the injury or death of another human being, he must face severe charges.

Additionally, the driver is required to remain on the accident scene and offer aid, contact emergency assistance and provide personal ID.

Regardless of whoever may be at fault, you can be charged with a hit and run if you left the crime scene early.

In comparison, drivers causing property damage through an accident may only face demeanor charges. But they’re still required to offer their name, driver’s license, and insurance information to the other parties. You’re also required to report the accident to the police in time.

An important point to note: a misdemeanor hit and run accident is only successful if the prosecution can prove that you were involved in the accident beyond a reasonable doubt. The prosecution also has to prove that you knew about the property damage that occurred.

Penalties for Hit and Run Crimes

Several factors affect how the judges hand out penalties for a hit-and-run charge.

Mainly, it depends upon the injuries or property damage, whether you were aware of the damage, and other case specifications.

Above all, the legal counsel you hire to defend your case can make all the visible difference.

If you’ve been accused of a misdemeanor hit and run, then you can face up to six months of jail time and a fine of up to $1,000. The jury can also ask you to pay restitution.

The worst possible scenario is ending up losing your driving privilege along with losing your driver’s license if found guilty.

If convicted of a felony hit and run, you can face a 4-year prison sentence and a fine of up to $10,000.

It can also lead to longer probation periods with strict rules to follow. Additional restitution payments and loss of driving freedom also outline felony hit and run charge penalties.

All in all, a conviction can also increase your chances of facing a lawsuit. The lawsuit can be filed either by the injured party or family members of those killed in the accident.

What Defenses Are Available for a Hit and Run Charge?

If you’ve been thinking of defending your case alone, make no mistake: the stakes are higher than simply understanding how the California Vehicle Code works. Here, hiring the best hit-and-run lawyers in San Diego can provide suitable results.

At The Law Office of Marc S. Kohnen, we realize each case is unique. That’s why we don’t adopt a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we explore each option that can help build a strong defense. These options can include proving you stopped and rendered assistance following an accident.

Since false accusations are frequently coupled with hit and run cases, we also demonstrate cases of mistaken identities to prove your innocence.

Besides that, it’s allowed to leave the accident scene to acquire help in case of medical assistance. So, we build our defense around the fact that it was a legal obligation for you to leave the crime scene.

In cases where a compromise is possible through repayment for property damage, we ensure providing the court evidence that you did pay the restitution amount. In turn, this can lead to dismissing the criminal charges.

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The social stigma involved and the fear of losing driving benefits are enough to render anyone into making rash decisions. But it’s always advisable to contact a reliable hit-and-run lawyer in San Diego without delay.

Meeting an experienced defense attorney doesn’t only help in evaluating your case options, but it also helps relieve you with the feeling of guilt. We’ll assess your case specifics in great detail and help you navigate through the complicated legal technicalities.

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