Sex Crime Defense Lawyer in San Diego

One of the worst offenses you can be accused of is a sex crime. Sex crimes carry severe consequences, even leading to being labeled as a sex offender for life.

So, if you are facing sexual charges, you need to consult a skilled attorney who knows the intricacies of the law.

At The Law Office of Marc S. Kohnen, we have dealt with several such cases in the past. Led by an experienced sexual harassment lawyer in San Diego, we work to protect your rights with the most favorable results.

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Have You Been Wrongly Accused of a Sex Crime?

The Californian courtrooms see numerous cases every day with the wrong person being accused of sexual crimes. These allegations are often exaggerated and even completely fabricated. This can happen due to a vindictive strategy to take revenge from the other side.

In turn, this causes the law to take action quickly, with the police making swift arrests. But no matter the reason, the penalties remain severe and the social impact, even more so.

Even if you are innocent, the prosecution can be challenging to face without a robust defense strategy at hand. That’s why it’s always best to obtain expert legal advice without delay.

Types of Sex Crimes We Deal with

Sex crimes include several types. Each category depends on several factors. For example, the persons involved, the scenario, consent, and involvement of minors can add to the severity of the charges with increasing penalties.

One of the gravest sex crimes to be accused of is child molestation. Since Californian law has strict guidelines about punishments for child molestation, it can be tough to maneuver your defense and avoid a deadly outcome. A result against you can lead to affecting your entire life, socially, as well as financially.

Child pornography is another sex crime that the state is keen on abolishing. And since law enforcement is always on the lookout for distributors and possessors of child pornography, it may lead to obtaining false evidence.

At The Office of Marc S. Kohnen, we analyze every detail in your case to see if the police seized evidence illegally.

It can also happen that you were unaware of owning such material. Given all the factors, we can build a strong defense to prove your innocence in court.

One of the sex crimes that people often regard as a joke or carrying less impact is indecent exposure. But it can lead to harsh punishments as well if there are minors involved.

Whether your intention was of fun or the result of being falsely accused of flashing, a skilled sexual harassment lawyer in San Diego is the best bet to save your reputation.

Other sex crimes include rape and prostitution, each prosecuted harshly and with life-altering consequences.

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What Is the Legal Process of Sex Crimes?

Legal matters are complicated and confusing to understand without expert legal counsel by your side. And just like any other criminal charges, sex crimes require legal steps to follow, too.

Before or after arrest, police can obtain a search warrant to gather evidence from your house or office and vehicle. The search warrant also entails obtaining your DNA sample as evidence for further investigation. But often, people are unaware that the police cannot search without obtaining a warrant from the court. That’s where Marc Kohnen can help you out.

Marc and his team work to protect your Fourth Amendment rights, which state rules against illegal searches and seizures.

And if the police gather sufficient evidence against you for a sex crime, they can arrest you, given that they have an arrest warrant.

Here again, Marc steps in to evaluate whether you were arrested on illegal grounds or without a warrant. All of these factors help build up a strong defense to represent in court.

The next steps include filing charges by the prosecution and then a court hearing if you accept a plea bargain. But even if the case goes to trial, you can rest assured of Marc guiding you until you receive a suitable result.

Looking for the Best Sexual Harassment Attorneys in San Diego?

It’s hard enough to deal with a sex offense, knowing you’re innocent. Such charges call for the best defense. But without knowing who to hire can leave you stranded in the middle of the road. That’s where you can trust The Law Office of Marc S. Kohnen to become your voice in court.

Marc Kohnen carries a 90% success rate with the goal to get your charges reduced and, most favorably, dismissed. We stop at nothing to give you back the freedom you deserve.

Book a Confidential Consultation with Marc Kohnen

By law, you have the right to remain silent even after being arrested. But sometimes, people tend to ignore this fact.

Given all the confusion, it’s understandable to confide in your family or friends, but it can be used as evidence against you in court.

Keeping that in mind, Marc has your confidentiality as a top priority. So, when you book an appointment with us, you can rest assured of meeting one-on-one with Marc to discuss your case details in complete privacy.