How to Protect Assets after a Fraud Charge

Whether is a State of Federal Charge, if you are accused or indicted on a financial crimes charge you might lose all of your assets. See, when you are under investigation for real estate fraud, tax evasion, or money laundering, law enforcement follows the money and tries to locate ALL of your assets. Even assets you believe you have safely hidden or stashed in other peoples names or accounts. If you want to know how to protect assets after a fraud charge then stop what you’re doing and call our law firm now. Even if you are innocent and wrongly accused, the State Attorneys Office or FBI STILL MIGHT be able to FREEZE or seize your bank accounts and assets until we can prove you are not guilty. So call now and let’s build a defense to protect your hard earned money.

What can I do after a Federal White Collar Crime Charge? 

First, panicking will not help the situation. You are a business owner or well off enough to know that it takes calm thinking to work your way out of a problem. As a decorated Federal Criminal Defense Attorney I know how to have your back, and how to take legal steps to try and protect your hard earned funds while we fight to beat the Feds and defend your freedom. Here are some things to think about if you were questioned, served a warrant, or Federal Indictment. You have rights, so read below or call me NOW.

San Diego Arrest Warrant – A Brief Overview

An arrest warrant gives law enforcement the authority to arrest and detain you for allegedly committing a criminal offense outside of an officer’s presence, or for failing to appear in court or at a court-ordered appointment, such as a meeting with a probation officer. A judge can issue a warrant after considering evidence presented to them by law enforcement or the District Attorney’s Office, or following a grand jury indictment.Once an arrest warrant has been issued, law enforcement officers are required to execute it and arrest you. A valid arrest warrant will include:

  • Your name
  • The crime that you are accused of committing
  • The time the warrant was issued
  • The city or county of issuance
  • The judge’s signature and title
  • The name of the court

Addressing a California Arrest Warrant

If a warrant has been issued for your arrest, it is important to retain the representation of a lawyer before making any decisions. Although you can turn yourself in to the court, doing so alone may not be in your best interests. The judge has heard every possible excuse from defendants and will likely not be sympathetic to your pleas, especially since you have a strike against you for the alleged crime. If you enlist an experienced criminal attorney in San Diego, CA to represent you, however, you can be confident that your rights and interests will be protected.

Attorney Marc Kohnen can advocate on your behalf before the judge and argue for reduced bail or to have you released on your own recognizance. He can strategically seek leniency from the judge and present valuable evidence to help you avoid more serious consequences.

Is there a warrant for your arrest in San Diego, CA?

The Law Office of Marc S. Kohnen is dedicated to providing the criminally accused with a powerful legal voice before the courts. Attorney Kohnen is experienced in defending clients against all types of charges and can help you properly address your arrest or bench warrant. The firm has achieved impressive results for clients charged with a variety of misdemeanor and felony offenses and can provide you with the aggressive advocacy you need and deserve. Contact an arrest warrant attorneyat the firm to retain outstanding representation for your case today!