Sex Crime Attorneys in San Diego

According to the Times of San Diego, Massage Envy of Encinitas has come under fire for alleged sex crimes. Sexual assault and rape are some of the most heinous crimes committed. San Diego Law Enforcement takes these criminal activities extremely seriously, and as such, punishments are delivered swiftly and harshly. There are some solid Sex Crime Attorneys in San Diego. However, not all San Diego Criminal Defense Attorneys are licensed in State and Federal Courts. Some sex crimes go Federal.

The Law Office of Marc S. Kohnen is an award-winning Criminal Defense Law Firm located in Downtown San Diego. Marc is a top-rated San Diego Defense Attorney and is licensed in State and Federal Courts. Let’s be real, society looks at sexual predators as vial creatures. Men who abuse women sexually are hit with long prison sentences. However, out of all of the types of sex crimes, none are more serious than when the crimes are committed against children. If you’ve been charged with a sex crime against a minor, you may need a lawyer fast.

Possession of Child Pornography Attorney in San Diego 

If you’re searching for a possesion of child pornography attorney in San Diego, chances are you’ve been indicted by the Feds. Look, we are a criminal defense law office. The last thing we do is judge anyone. Our job as a defense attorney is to defend our client’s rights and freedoms no matter what. Marc is an aggressive, tenacious, and trial-tested defense lawyer. Mr. Kohnen has taken on multiple nationally televised cases that other law firms shied away from. Taking complex criminal cases to court is what Marc does best.

If you’ve made a mistake, and have been charged with possession or distribution of child pornography, you might need a criminal lawyer. Sugarcoating your situation won’t help you. Convicted felons of any type of child sex crimes get hit with very long prison sentences, and that’s not the worst part. During your encareceration, you may be mocked, abused, and heavily discriminated against. Depending upon the Federal Prison you end up in, you may be forced into solitary confinement for your own safety. That means living in a concrete for what could be decades.

Marc is here to help, and to listen to you without judgment. Step up and defend yourself to the best of your ability. Your failure to tackle your legal issue head-on may end up costing you decades of imprisonment and intolerable abuse. Call our law firm now to schedule a confidential consultation.

Federal Criminal Defense Attorney in San Diego, CA

Marc Kohnen is a decorated Federal Criminal Defense Attorney in San Diego, CA. For over 15 years Marc has fought for his client’s freedom. When other lawyers turned down cases, too afraid to take on a prosecutor, Marc has stepped up and fought zealously for his clients. Mr. Kohnen has been aired on ABC, CBS, and even on NBC’s hit news sitcom The Today Show for his criminal defense work. If you’ve been charged with a Federal Sex Crime, or if a loved one has been arrested by the FBI for a sex crime, call our law firm now.

Marc always provides a free, very extensive criminal defense consultation. In addition, the consultation and communication you will have with Marc is confidential. If you are searching for a criminal defense attorney in San Diego for a loved one who is currently being detained, Marc can arrange to visit them in jail or prison. Mr. Kohnen is very compassionate and easy to talk to. If you’re stressing because one of your loved ones has found themselves in trouble with the law, call Marc now.