San Diego Violent Crime Attorney

NBS News out of San Diego, along with other national news agencies, are reporting a shocking story about a hate crime that took place on a San Diego trolly car. The news report published by NBC states that a 26-year-old male has been arrested for an attack on a Syrian teenager, triggering police to charge the assailant with a hate crime. While our law firm does not condone acts of violence or hate crimes, we are a premier San Diego Criminal Defense Law Firm. Our job is to protect the rights of the accused and to ensure they are treated fairly by the law. If you would like to discuss a potential case with a San Diego Violent Crime Attorney, call us. We provide a confidential consultation at no charge.

The Law Office of Mark Kohnen has been defending criminal charges for over 15 years. Marc is licensed in state and federal courts, allowing him to defend his clients regardless of the criminal venue. In addition to obtaining duel licenses, Mr. Kohnen also holds a near-perfect 9.9 out of 10 avvo rating. Marc has also be aired on NBC, CBS, and ABC for his work in the area of criminal defense. In this article we will discuss reasons why retaining a defense attorney may be beneficial if you’ve been charged with a violent crime.

3 Benefits of Hiring a Violent Crimes Attorney in San Diego 

Criminal charges can cause all sorts of issues far outside the courtroom. While most people associate criminal charges with financial penalties and jail time, there are additional consequences that may rear their ugly heads after an acquisition. If you are a working professional such as a medical doctor, teacher, realtor, or financially licensed excutive you may lose your job, and license, simply due to a charge. Yes, that’s correct, it may be possible for you to face hardships and backlash just because you’re accused of a crime, without a conviction.

Some criminal charges are somewhat “politically correct” and accepted by society. Driving under the influcens for example, while against the law, doesn’t tend to carry with it the “shock and appalment” of a sex offense or fraud. San Diego County prosecutors and the citizen of San Diego do NOT do well with violent crimes, especially against women and children. Today we are going to discuss, what we believe to be, 3 benefits of hiring a violent crimes attorney in San Diego.

Protecting Your Reputation and Defending Your Good Name 

If you’re innocent, or if you aren’t guilty of everything you’re being accused of, you want to defend yourself. Prosecutors, whether state or federal, tend to not charge someone unless they are convinced they will get a guilty verdict. Think about it, prosecutors work for the government, and they don’t want to waste taxpayers’ money on a losing battle. It makes them look bad. So if you’ve been accused or indicted, chances are, the government thinks they’ve got a winner in their pocket.

Hiring an attorney can go a long way with protecting your reputation and defending your good name. We believe that when you retain an attorney it shows the public, and most of all your friends and family, that you’re ready to fight to prove your innocence. In addition, if you hold any type of professional license, an attorney may be able to help protect it while you’re fighting to win your case and clear your name of any wrongdoing.

Showing the Prosecution You’re Ready for a Fight

Prosecutors are like college football coaches, the love the laydown wins. In fact, they really like it when accused parties admit their guilt without a trial. We believe that when you “lawyer up” it sends a message to the prosecution that maybe you know something they don’t. It makes the prosecution question and second guess their case, and could lead to either a positive plea deal or to you flat out winning in the courtroom should the case go to trial.

Giving you Peace of Mind and a Shoulder to Lean On

Look, after a criminal charge, it can feel like the whole world is against you. Guess what, in some cases it is. Family and friends can turn on you, coworkers can avoid you, and it may feel like you’re all alone. What can make matters worse for you is when you are actually innocent. You end up dealing with the emotional pain and mental stress that a guilty person goes through, but you actually didn’t do anything wrong. Hiring a criminal defense attorney is about giving you peace of mind and a shoulder to lean on.

Which San Diego Criminal Defense Attorneys Handle Violent Crimes? 

There are a lot of San Diego Violent Crime Attorneys. In fact, if you do a simple online search you can find countless law firms and lawyers who state they practice criminal defense. It may even be how you found our law firm. First and foremost, there is no such thing as the best attorney. What we believe is most important is to hire a criminal defense lawyer that you have confidence is. Confidence starts with trust, and trust begins with building a relationship. This is one reason why Marc always offers a free, confidential criminal defense consultation.

Marc Kohnen is a decorated, tenured San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney. Our law firm holds over 56 perfect five-star yelp reviews and perfect client testimonials on Google. While there are a lot of quality defense lawyers in San Diego, we firmly believe we are one of the best violent crime law firms around. We handle lots of violent offenses, keep reading to learn more about what we can do to defend your freedom.

Types of Violent Charges we Defend 

Marc Kohnen is licensed in federal and state criminal courts. This may be helpful for those of you who have been charged with a violent offense. Sometimes charges stay on the state side, other times they get picked up by the federal government. Hiring Marc means that regardless of your case being in state or federal court, he can defend you. Furthermore, it is our opinion that federal cases are much harder to defend. Marc however has a stellar reputation and impeccable track record defending criminal charges on a federal level. Here some of the types of violent charges we defend.

San Diego Domestic Violence Attorney 

If you’ve been charged with spousal abuse or domestic violence, we can help. San Diego doesn’t like “wife beaters” or anyone who hurts women and children. In fact, the district attorneys in San Diego County jump on these types of cases, even when the accused may be innocent. Marc handles these types of charges. As a San Diego Domestic Violence Attorney Mr. Kohnen has helped numerous clients with their cases.

Death Threats and Gun Charges 

Death threats and gun charges are serious offenses in San Diego County. With the rise in mass shootings, even simple verbal threats are dealt with swiftly and harshly. A few weeks ago in Arizona, a high school student was arrested for simply verbaling a threat. The FBI also may be investigating this case. If you’ve been charged with a death threat or a weapons charge we can help. Contact our law firm today for a consultation.

Federal Sex Offense and Non-Physical Sex Offenses Against Childen 

Marc, being licensed in federal courts, does defend federal sex crime cases. In addition, Mr. Kohen will entertain taking on a non-physical sex offense case against a child. THis is reserved for possession of CP or distribution of CP. For more specific information about these types of hypersensitive cases please contact us to schedule a confidential consultation.

Hate Crimes and Murder 

Finally, we defend hate crimes and murder. Marc has successfully handled multiple murder cases, and in fact, was aired on multiple national news stations for his victory in a major murder case. Mr. Kohnen defend Jennifer Trayers and won a not guilty first-degree murder victory even after Mrs. Trayers admitted to stabbing her husband to death.

San Diego Violent Crime Attorney Reviews and Hiring Marc Kohnen 

Mr. Kohnen has been recognized all over the media as a premier San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney. In addition, Marc holds a 9.9 avvo rating and glowing testimonials from clients who are beyond grateful for their freedom. Marc believes in second chances, and he will fight to defend your name and reputation. If you’ve been charged with a violent crime, call us and schedule a free consultation. In addition, if you’re searching for an attorney for a loved one who is currently in custody, we can also help. Call us and we can arrange for a confidential meeting with your loved one at the facility they are being detained at.

Remember, just because you’ve been charged with a crime doesn’t mean your life is over. We can help you fight, and we can defend your freedom. Help is just a phone call away. Call us now at (619) 398-2500.