by Marc Kohnen | Jun 29, 2021 | Criminal Defense Attorney

Benefits of Hiring a Criminal Defenses Lawyer When Facing Federal Charges

Let’s be honest… if you’re facing criminal charges, then you need an experienced attorney to defend you in a court system you simply don’t know how to navigate. This is only intensified when facing federal charges. Hiring a lawyer who has experience dealing with federal criminal charges is a must. The list of benefits to hiring a criminal defense attorney is quite extensive, but there are a few that can quickly impact the direct your particular case goes, meaning you may find yourself serving way more time or entering into a plea bargain that is much less advantageous. There’s a reason that way less than 1% of criminal defendants attempt to represent themselves; they simply don’t know enough about the law, the ins and outs of the legal system and the court’s process or how to effectively deal with prosecutors and judges.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer Knows More Than You

Let’s just say for the sake of argument that you want to represent yourself in a federal criminal defense case. Do you know more than an experienced criminal defense attorney? Let’s also say that’s an easy NO. Therefore, we can agree that your criminal defense attorney will know more than you, which means you have a much better chance of a better outcome with your attorney than without. A criminal defense attorney will assist you with a reality check, basically providing you with the harsh facts of your situation that you may not be accepting just yet. In addition, they will have the experience dealing with different sentencing programs for different defendant’s circumstances. In addition to many factors a criminal defenses attorney brings to the table, a couple of the benefits are their ability to negotiate with the prosecutor and deal effectively with possible community pressures.

Prosecutorial Discretion

Let’s be clear about something; prosecutors have unbelievable discretion when it comes to filing charges, what charges to file, plea bargains, sentencing time or even adjusting the actual crime charged, all of which can exponentially impact the outcome of a criminal case. If you know how to and have the extensive experience dealing with prosecutors, then have at it. However, if you’re smart and want the best possible outcome for your criminal situation, then understanding that your criminal defense lawyer will negotiate with the prosecutor to whatever extent is necessary to do right by you, including working out a favorable sentencing program, if necessary. The bottom line is that your criminal defense attorney’s ability to work professionally with a prosecutor can make all the difference for you and your family moving forward.

Societal and Community Pressures

Although it’s disconcerting and discouraging, many criminal case decisions are impacted by societal and community pressures, such as community values and outpouring, a judge’s or prosecutor’s potential career or political ambitions, the police department expecting that a certain number of the cases brought will, in fact, result in charges filed. As it pertains to public pressure, there may be certain types of crimes that are demanding stronger consequences, which can impact a prosecutor’s decision to charge or not in a specific situation. The reality is that these factors exist and having an experienced criminal defense attorney who is fully aware of and knows how to navigate through the ancillary terrain of a prosecutor’s path, in order to facilitate the most advantageous case outcome for you and your family.

What Will a Criminal Defense Attorney Do?

Here’s the harsh truth to all of you possibly facing charges and for those of you who are currently being charged with a criminal act… defending yourself is essentially giving up. The current court system, especially if you’ve been charged with a federal crime, is loaded with all sorts of twists and turns and inconsistencies that only an experienced federal criminal defense attorney will be aware of. Your attorney should be experienced with taking helpful steps for you that you will miss or not be equipped to handle, such as explain certain tricky legal rules, such as federal statutes and constitutional law. They will also help you deal with the fear and shame that criminal charges tend to induce, as well as negotiate with prosecutors prior to the arraignment and take the significant time required to track down and deal with witnesses.

Negotiate Prior to Arraignment

Another harsh reality is that countless defendants find themselves in untenable situations because they aren’t assigned a public defender until the arraignment, which means the opportunity to negotiate prior to the arraignment or even reach a plea bargain is lost. Hence, the advantage of hiring a criminal defense attorney. It gives your case the real chance of being pleaded down to a lesser charge or even dismissed due to its weak nature. The bottom line is that by hiring a criminal defense attorney, the outcome of your charges has several different possibilities that you would not have if defending yourself or going with a public defender, including your attorney playing the overcrowded court’s schedule card.

Deal with Witnesses

The reasons for your criminal defense attorney to meticulously interview prosecution witnesses are plentiful. As important as it is to have the opportunity to negotiate with prosecutors to alter the charges significantly before your arraignment, if that tactic is not successful, you will be desperate for an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can effectively and properly deal with whatever number of witnesses are in play, depending on the complexity of your case. This will involve deposing and getting statements from not only witnesses for the defense, but prosecutorial witnesses, as well, which may prove to be more crucial, as it will involve a discrediting process and goal. Even the slightest tweak or inconsistency that your criminal defense attorney can induce from a prosecution witness can be the difference between a conviction or an acquittal. And you can bet your last dollar that the witness statements provided by the prosecution will be incomplete or even inaccurate. Additionally, dealing with uncooperative prosecution witnesses can be a challenge for a defendant not properly represented by counsel. In closing, there are simply too many advantages to hiring a criminal defense lawyer, so don’t make the mistake of thinking you know more. Let somebody help you arrive at the best possible outcome with the criminal charges you face.

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